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Kaya Skin Clinic Aqua Fairness Luxe Service - My Experience

The last time I went to Kaya Skin Clinic was five years back when I suffered from a bad bout of acne. Nothing was working and Kaya was the last resort. I was suggested a treatment that included glycolic peels and microdermabrasion and that treatment worked wonders! I hold Kaya in very high esteem since then and it was with that faith that I went back to experience one of the summer special services at their Salt Lake City Centre branch in Kolkata.

Barring the new faces at the reception counter, everything else looked the same. The atmosphere is still very soothing with low lights and light music and guests are still welcomed with the cool cinnamon apple signature drink that I love. I was made to feel very comfortable by Esha, the assistant clinic manager who first gave me an overview of Kaya and all the different services available and then gave me a questionnaire to fill up which had questions related to my skin condition and medical history. This was for their records and also a guide for the doctor to prescribe the correct products and treatment for me. Next, I was taken to the resident dermatologist who asked me about the products I use and took a look at my face through a skin sensor. That sensor made me look like a ghost with white pupils and white patches on the skin, which I was told are the areas of pigmentation. He advised me to follow a regular CTM regime followed by the use of sunscreen thrice a day. He told me that there is a common misconception among people that only sun exposure leads to skin tanning while the reality is that anything that emits heat and light does. This includes smoke from the kitchen, prolonged tv viewing and one of the major reasons - exposure to radiation from laptops/desktops. So the message my dear pretties is very clear - use a sunscreen whether indoors or outdoors after every 4 hours and 20 mins before heat or light exposure. It's also important to use one that is designed for Indian skin which is a Type IV and prone to sun tan.

Kaya skincare products

The doctor said that I had combination skin with sun tan, mild pigmentation, dark circles and acne marks and to get rid of the tan, he suggested the summer special Aqua Fairness Luxe, a treatment that uses air and water to brighten skin. I was advised to try one out and come back after 15 day intervals for followups. He did mention that this service is best suited for people who want instant brightness and want to maintain their skin tone and not for those with serious skin problems. For the latter category, different treatments are available which would be prescribed after the consultation. 

Details about Aqua Fairness Luxe

This summer reverse the effects of the sweltering heat and scorching sun with a new skin care service from Kaya Skin Clinic – AQUA FAIRNESS LUXE, a new innovation for instantly brighter looking skin. Whats more, get up to 2 shades lighter in just 3 sessions. Even with the temperatures soaring high and the notorious sun playing havoc with your skin, you can get that required brightness and even skin tone this summer!

This unique enhancement service uses the revolutionary water jet technology to exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and create channels for deep infusion going up to 4.5mm deep into the skin. The glycolic fruit peel which is derived from sugarcane extracts penetrates into the skin easily, allowing new skin to surface quicker. This is followed by comedone extraction after which you can relax with a cooling massage with aloe vera gel to improve blood circulation and to soothe tired and overworked muscles.

The service is completed by the application of a special Insta Brightening MicroMask, which has a unique combination of botanical extracts for skin whitening that work together to give you visibly brighter skin after every session. This innovative mask uses a Micropatch technology which continues to release the whitening active into your skin even after the mask has been removed.

This 60 minute enhancement service gives you instant brightness along with two shades lighter skin in just 3 sessions. The effects are dramatic, visible and long-lasting. It lightens the darker areas of your face such as the forehead to match the lightest areas such as your cheeks, making it even toned. The procedure also improves the overall texture of your skin. It is best suited in the summer, as it helps in tan removal as well. It provides excellent hydration and is completely safe for all skin types.

Pic Courtesy - Kaya (the girl here is not me :)

The Experience: 
  • The service started off with the therapist cleansing the face and directing a powerful jet of saline water on my face from the Jet M machine, a hand piece with a specialized nozzle. I was told that this would further clean the face of all impurities and also help in lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness. What I liked about the therapist was that not only was she an expert, she was also explaining the process to me at each step. The water jet is quite a unique experience! Imagine a spray of cold water on your face at very high pressure and energy. Initially I was gasping for breath but that lasted for only a few seconds till I got used to the sensation. Then it was quite nice actually. A very cool respite from the blazing hot weather outside. 
  • Once the lymphatic drainage was done, the next step was to exfoliate the skin using the same Jet M machine. I could never imagine saline water being used to clean and exfoliate but this water jet technology does that really well. 
  • After the exfoliation, the next step was to infuse the skin with the glycolic peel. I liked that this was done under the supervision of the doctor and not by the therapist alone. A peel always leads to a slight burning and itching sensation that thankfully goes away pretty soon. The therapist let the peel stay on the face for a couple of minutes before neutralizing it. 
  • Next, she applied a thick layer of aloe vera gel and massaged that into my face. The massage is my favorite part in any facial treatment and I absolutely loved it. She had lovely hands and the massage actually made me fall asleep for sometime. Wished it lasted more than 10 mins but that's the stipulated duration. 
  • Post the massage, an insta brightening cream micro mask was applied for 20 mins. After the mask was wiped off, sunscreen was applied and the therapist advised me not to apply anything on my face for the next 12 hrs and not to go for any parlor activity for 3 days. 
All Kaya products were used for the service.

The wonderful people at Kaya

The Verdict

Did I like the service? Yes, I absolutely did. And it's not just the Aqua Fairness service. The entire Kaya experience was lovely from start to finish. From the warm yet professional approach to the expertise of the staff. I loved the fact that they are very strict about hygiene and cleanliness. Everything is sanitized before use including the key chain of the drawer where I stored my bag and jewelry. How about the service itself? My skin does look a lot brighter and it also feels quite soft and smooth. One session is definitely not enough to get rid of the tan completely but I do see my skin looking more radiant. The best part is that there has not been any breakouts post the service and the couple I had has also gone down considerably. I think I'm going to go back after 15 days to get a follow-up service. This stuff is good!

Those who want to avail the Aqua Fairness Luxe service at Kaya skin clinic, August is a good time for you to do so. On a package of 3 sessions, Kaya is offering 50% discount as part of the August Rush Offers. This means that you need to pay Rs 4000 against the usual Rs 8000. A single session will cost you Rs 3000. They have a lot of offers going on this month so do get in touch with Kaya for details.

Disclaimer : Service provided by the brand free of charge for review. However, opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

Have you tried any service at Kaya? How was your experience?

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