Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio Rose Sugar, Buff, Rosy - Review, Swatches, Pictures

Many of you wanted me to review and swatch these Bobbi Brown lip glosses when I first showed them to you in a haul post so here I am. You will be very amazed and shocked when i'll tell you how much I paid for this lip gloss trio. Around Rs 1200! Yes! The set was on offer as part of strawberrynet's daily deals at more than 60% off (right now, the price is Rs 3876 at strawberrynet.com) and I obviously had to grab it. Even though I'm not really a huge fan of gloss, this trio was just too good to pass over.

I'm not really sure if you can get this set from a Bobbi Brown store because it looks to me specially made for duty free shops at the airport but I think you can get the single pieces in store. The set has three lipglosses - one in shimmer (Rose Sugar) and two regular glosses (Buff and Rosy). Here's a bit about the three colors :

  • Instantly gives lips a brilliant, radiant shine look
  • Contains soothing botanical extracts to keep lips supple & soft
  • Includes Avocado, Jojoba & Chamomile Oils, Aloe Extracts
  • Scented with vanilla bean

Rose Sugar - A pretty soft rose with shimmer. This is a shade that's really meant for fair skin tones. On my NC 43 skin, only the shimmer is visible and not the color itself. Since I can't wear it on its own, I layer Rose Sugar on top of lipstick and it gives off a great effect. The pigmentation is good and the finish also glossy and shiny. Staying power is not too great though. When I tried it on its own, I got only a couple of hours out of Rose Sugar. On top of lipsticks, the staying power is obviously more.

Buff - A beautiful muted beige pink that will again look lovely specially on fair skin tones.  It looks very natural yet healthy and this can be your perfect MLLB shade. Buff washes me out unfortunately so I cant really wear it on its own but I do mix with a either a pink or coral lipstick and I get a very pretty color that's perfect for the day. The finish is a cream which I much prefer to shimmer glosses and it is very shiny on the lips.

Rosy - This one is my favorite of the lot coz it's just so pretty and girlie. This coral pink will look good on everyone and you can see from the swatch how shiny it is. Pigmentation is great and this color makes lips look very plumped up and juicy. Only problem is that it's slightly sticky.

My views on them :

The lip glosses in this set are pretty small in size (4.2 ml) which makes them perfect to be kept in the bag and for travelling. The packaging is a simple plastic tube with Bobbi Brown imprinted on the tube. What I don't like about these glosses is the applicator. Instead of a doe-foot applicator, its a tiny brush which makes it very difficult to pick up the product and apply.

The glosses have a very sweet caramel/vanilla scent. I usually hate scented makeup but love this smell coz it reminds me of creme brulee and milkshakes :P

Bobbi Brown lip glosses are slightly sticky and all of these are. Not the 'hair sticking to the lips' type sticky but you can feel it when you apply. Sticky glosses have an advantage though. They last for a longer time and less prone to seeping into fine lines. The Bobbi Brown lip glosses, specially the cream ones do last long - around 3-4 hours and I absolutely love the finish. Glossy, shiny and they are also fairly moisturizing.

Would I recommend these shades? Yes specially Buff and Rosy. They are so pretty and are of great quality as well (if you can ignore the brush applicator and slightly sticky bit).

If you want to buy the Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio Rose Sugar, Buff, Rosy, click here.

If you want to buy them individually, click here. Currently, only Buff is available.

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