Friday, 3 May 2013

This Mother's Day L'OCCITANE brings to you the sweet and delicious limited edition Spring Cherry Collection

This Mother's Day L'OCCITANE brings to you the sweet and delicious limited edition Spring Cherry Collection.
The Spring Cherry Collection makes the perfect gift for your loving mother. Pamper her like she pampers you. Let her indulge in the goodness of this new limited edition collection. 
A scent carried on the air
Just as a butterfly comes out of its chrysalis, soon the cherries will appear and summer will be here...
But before it arrives, L’OCCITANE catches the floating scent of the Spring Cherry tree and transforms it into a fragrance. Bursting with floral freshness, it seems to capture the very essence of spring and release it to the wind... 

The products available in this collection are:-

Spring Cherry EDT 50ml Rs. 2550The scent of Spring Cherry perfumes the skin with fresh and floral notes.
A colourful bouquet of fragrant kisses.

Head notes: a vibrant duo of mandarin orange and blackcurrant.

Heart notes: the pastoral poetry of cherry blossom mingling with magnolia and freesia. 

Base notes: a graceful woody, musky base with a subtle hint of iris. 

Spring Cherry Velvet Moisturizing Gel 250ml Rs. 1690 - A light and sheer, musky, velvety gel that moisturises the body and leaves the skin supple.

Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel 250ml Rs. 1095 - A shimmering, light-as-air gel, for skin that feels as soft as silk. 
Spring Cherry Soft Hand Cream 30ml Rs. 530 - A gentle, delicately scented cream to moisturize and protect fragile hands. 
Spring Cherry Soap 50gms Rs. 280 - A plant-based soap in the shape of a butterfly, to envelop the hands and body in spring softness. 

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