Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On My Nails Today - New U nail polish in Coral

If you have a New U store in your city, you have to check out their polishes. You won't get a whole lot of shades but they are so reasonably priced! I was pretty amazed when I paid Rs 40 for this polish.Honestly, I did not expect it to be of good quality. The color and the price attracted me and those were the only reasons why I picked it up. Somehow we always have that mindset that cheap things are not of good quality but New U sure surprised me. The polish has a creamy texture, applied smoothly and has a wonderful shine to it. I put it on yesterday and I still haven't seen any signs of chipping yet. What's not too great is that even after two coats, the polish did not go completely opaque. It's not really that noticeable from afar but if you see closely, the nail tips are visible from underneath. Maybe I should apply 3 coats the next time.

Totally happy with my Rs 40 tiny, cute polish with a color that just screams Summer. Do check out the polishes when you go to the store next or if you want, order online. Here's the link - http://newu.in/e-shoping/Product_Pages/NewU_Product_Page.aspx?Category_id=24

This is how coral looks on my nails...

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