Monday, 11 March 2013

Vedic Line Papaya Scrub - Review

I don't have an elaborate skincare routine and actually its pretty basic. Just cleansing, toning, moisturising everyday and scrubbing twice a week. My Fab India Rose and Geranium scrub was over and thankfully, I got the Vedic Line Papaya scrub at just the right time to try. I've been using this for about a month now and I can say that it's pretty good.

The papaya scrub is made from papaya, supposed to be best for melting and removing extra melanin. The scrub claims to promote fairness and blemish free skin and has these ingredients - Purified Water, Clay Blend, Almond Oil, Palm Wax, Papaya Extract, Aloe Vera, Walnut, Sodium Benzoate & Phenoxyethanol.

The packaging is basic and non-interesting. It's a plastic tub with a mustard yellow screw lid on top. Inside there is a tray lid to prevent spillage. I don't like tub packaging at all because it's very messy and unhygienic. Would have preferred a tube. The smell of this will not really make you swoon with delight. It is a mix of papaya and clay which I'm not too fond of either . 

The texture of this scrub is creamy and the color is almost like fuller's earth. There are tiny walnut granules inside which are very effective in giving the skin a proper scrub. I don't use very mild and gentle scrubs and prefer the granules to be slightly abrasive. Since I don't have sensitive skin, it's not a problem for me but for those who do, you might find these granules to be a bit too harsh. They are very effective in getting rid of dead cells though and makes the skin look fresh and feel smooth. However, care must be taken to not overscrub. A little bit lightly massaged into the skin for about 1-2 mins is enough. 

Honestly, I haven't seen any fairness but it does make the skin visibly clear. I have been using the scrub mostly in winter so it does dry out my skin a little bit and I need to moisturize after washing off. Need to see whether it makes skin dry in summer as well. Even though the texture is creamy, I've not had any issues with breakouts. 

To sum up:

1. The texture is creamy and easy to work with
2. Effective in getting rid of dry and dead cells and makes skin look fresh and radiant
3. Does not breakout skin
4. Those with sensitive skin might find the walnut granules harsh 

At Rs 210, the Vedic Line Papaya scrub is a good buy but would not recommend this for sensitive skin as you might find it too harsh. If you have normal skin though, give it a shot. It's pretty good in getting rid of dry cells and making the skin look clean, fresh and bright. 

P.S - Sample sent by Brand P.R. Review is 100% mine.

Have you tried the Vedic Line Papaya scrub?

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