Friday, 1 March 2013

Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser - Review

I've never been a winter person and I'm really glad to see the back of it but the change of season is giving my skin a lot of pain :(. It has become really dry and tight and I have to keep on applying a moisturizer at regular intervals to keep it hydrated. A product that's been giving me a lot of relief during this time is the Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser. 

About Omved

Omved is a brand that believes in pure natural living and ensures that each and every item used in the products is chemical free, natural, hand-crafted, fair trade, made in India and biodegradable. They source and manufacture only with suppliers who operate on a fair trade basis, have high ethical and moral values and who try to minimize their impact on the environment. What 's impressive is that they recycle everything that they can, opt for only biodegradable and recycled packaging, and use water-based inks for printing labels and stationery – reduce, reuse and recycle. 

About the Product

This is the first product that I've tried from Omved and I am quite happy with it. There is no way for me to really determine if it does not have any chemicals, but the effect on my skin has been pretty good so far. It claims to be a soft-foaming, pH-balanced cleanser that effectively removes deep embedded dirt, grime and other impurities to leave skin soft, smooth and fresh. The Omved Face Wash deep cleanses without drying or stripping the natural oils of the skin and contains the following ingredients:

*Aloe Vera nourishes and counters ageing.
*Clary Sage freshens and tones, regulating excess sebum production. 
*Antibacterial Turmeric cleanses and disinfects.
*Lavender soothes.

This 100% natural herbal cleanser improves skin texture, nourishes and revitalizes dryness to leave skin clean, smooth and well hydrated.

My Experience

1. The packaging is nothing jazzy but I like the simple look of the product. The dispenser has a twist up lock which eliminates the fear of any spillage. The bottle is too big, bulky and heavy though so not that great for travel.
2.The smell of this cleanser is very herbal. Can't say that I like it very much but it definitely gives me some assurance that the ingredients are all natural.
3. It is a gel cleanser that's mild therefore does not make the skin dry and tight after washing off. 
4. Not effective in removing heavy makeup but for a daily cleanser, it does its job effectively
5. Love the squeaky clean refreshed feeling I get after washing it off
6. I have not seen an improvement in my skin texture yet but it does leave my skin clean, smooth and hydrated
7. Can be used by oily skin beauties as well. It will not lead to breakouts
8. There's nothing that I can say is not good about this product except the price. At Rs 640, it's too high for a cleanser but I guess that's the price you need to pay to stay away from chemicals.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a daily cleanser that's free of harsh chemicals, mild and gentle on your skin while effectively removing all traces of dirt and grime, try the Omved Moisturising Face Cleanser. Recommended!

Have you tried this or any other Omved product?

P.S - Sample provided by Brand P.R. Review 100% mine.has
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