Saturday, 2 March 2013

Essie Bahama Mama Nail Polish - NOTD, Review

I had heard a lot about Essie nail polishes but never tried one out simply because I think Rs 500 is a waste of money on a polish. Thankfully, I did not have to spend that amount on my first Essie nail polish and the credit goes entirely  to Enchantess who sent a lovely shade, Bahama Mama in the Feb bag. It's a gorgeous deep berry purple wine that even though is a fall color, goes really well with Indian skin tone and can be used in all seasons. 

The color is beautiful but for me, this is not a wonder product. I'm not too happy with the application. The first two coats gave me a streaky finish and I had to apply one more to go completely opaque. The drying time is killing though. Had thought since this is a high end brand, would dry fast. But no. Even after an hour, the polish did not dry completely and there were dents on the nails :(. Love the finish though and how glossy it made my nails look, without using a top coat. I cant comment on the staying power since I only applied this yesterday afternoon. But still haven't seen any signs of chipping which is great. 

I was expecting to be wowed by my first Essie nail polish but sadly the expectations were not met. Considering the high price tag, had expected this to fare much better. I don't know how the other Essie nail polishes are but if they have the same formula as this, I'm not paying Rs 500 for them!

Have you tried Essie nail polishes? 
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