Friday, 1 March 2013

Reader's Spotlight - Denise Shares Her favorite University Outfit

I'm doing a Reader's Spotlight after a very long time and it sure feels good to write about someone else other than myself on the blog :). For all of you who are not aware, I have a section on the blog where I feature you, my readers. I want to know what you love...What is your favorite outfit? Your favorite accessory? Your favorite piece of jewelry? Love that shoe? Share with me and other readers as well. Let us all drool together :))))

If you are interested, please send me an email with your pics and some info about yourself and the product/s to I would love to put it up. Everyone is welcome.Indians, Non-Indians, young, discrimination at all!

Today's spotlight is on Denise, a university student from faraway Austria. She is a 21 yr old fashion blogger who blogs at Her mother tongue is German, her favorite color is green, favorite fruit is the pomegranate, favorite leisure activity is shopping (ahh we women! same everywhere :), favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld and favorite city is London. She shares her favorite University outfit with us.

Denise is wearing:

Bao Bao Bag & Cardigan - Issey Miyake
Jeans - Review
Jewellry - Zsiska
Shoes - Dave

Love your outfit Denise specially the cardigan and the bag. You are so pretty! And so is the place where you took this picture. Love the fairy lights in the background :) Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and hope to see more of you at Pout Pretty. Friends, do visit Denise's blog and show her some love. 

If you want to get featured here next, just shoot me an email.

Till next time..

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