Friday, 18 January 2013

MAC Russian Red Lipstick - Review, Swatches

All of you who read the blog must have known by now about my deepest love for the color red specially on my lips. No other color, except maybe fuchsia comes even close to me and my love for reds. One of my ambitions is to own all the iconic red lipsticks one day and I'm soo happy to share that I've finally got started on achieving that dream. Yes, I've laid my hands on the gorgeous Russian Red by MAC. Honestly, I cant even remember for how long I've been lusting after Ruby Woo and Russian Red but they remained as elusive as ever. Every trip to the MAC store in Kolkata would start by me asking the SA if the shades are available and every time I would come back disappointed. Then I decided enough is enough. If not from here I'm gonna get the shade from outside and I requested a friend of mine coming down from the US to get me either Russian Red or Ruby Woo. Well, I also gave a lot more options but he being a 'he' just grabbed the first name on the list and came away :(..

Honestly, there's really nothing that I can write that has not already been written in hundreds of blogs around the world in honor of this shade. Russian Red is a blue based matte classic red lipstick. I don't have Ruby Woo so can't compare but the moment I laid my hands on this beauty and swiped it on my lips, I fell in love. The color is simply out of the world gorgeous. Its a rich and pure red that will suit every skin tone be it fair or dark. Works great on my medium dusky tone. 

In terms of pigmentation, its super pigmented and one swipe is all one needs. Even though the formula is matte, it's quite creamy on application and there are no pulls or tugs. It tends to get a bit drying though after a couple of hours and I do feel the need of applying a lip balm but that's something I can overlook. And it easily lasts for nearly 6 hours on me without any problem of fading or transferring. And it also makes the teeth appear really white!

Do I recommend Russian Red? Hell, ya I do. This is one color that will never go out of style. Just make sure not to pile on makeup when using this. A fresh dewy skin, lotsa mascara, eye liner and a pop of Russian Red on the lips - can't get sexier than that!

Have you used Russian Red or Ruby Woo? Which one is your favorite?

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