Thursday, 4 October 2012

Revlon Cherries in the Snow Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick - Review, Swatch

When I was around 9 or 10, my dad had gone to Canada and got my mum a set of Revlon's super lustrous lipsticks. Those were the days when the only decent brand available in India was Lakme so a set of five Revlon lipsticks was a source of great excitement. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup but I used to try them on when mum wasn't looking and so wished to grow up fast so that I could also start wearing lipstick and look all glamorous and movie star like. The Super Lustrous range will always have a special place in my life coz this was the first lipstick I ever tried. I even remember the shade...Fire and Ice, a bright ruby red. 

Since that time, a lot has changed obviously. I have a pretty decent lipstick collection, have tried out different brands and somehow forgot about these lipsticks till I got one as a gift couple of months back. I got the shade Cherries in the Snow and this has rekindled my love affair with Revlon. 

Now this shade is a classic and I mean literally coz its been around since the 1950's. Don't believe me? Check out this ad from 1953 :)...Yep, it's really that old! And it was apparently one of Marilyn Monroe's favorite lipsticks. 

 The packaging is the classic black and gold tube with a clear top, which I think is a latest addition. I don't remember the ones I had long back with the clear top. The color is a cross between a fuchsia and a red and complements all skin tones, more so the duskier beauties. If you love brights, do not miss out on this shade. Even if you don't, this will look equally lovely worn as a stain. (And also makes your teeth look really white)

The texture is smooth and there is no unevenness on application. These lipsticks are really pigmented and one swipe is enough for a burst of rich color on the lips. The finish is semi glossy and I love how plumped up and 'juicy' my lips look when i put this on. In terms of longevity, I get around 5-6 hrs of weartime and it leaves a nice pink/berry stain after fading away. I've not faced any problem with dryness after applying the lipstick. 

Here is the swatch..

Why do I recommend this shade?
  • Lovely color. A perfect balance between deep pink and red
  • Formula is moisturising and creamy
  • Highly pigmented
  • Glossy finish that makes you feel instantly retro and glam
  • Reasonable price (Rs 550 I think)

Can't really think of any cons for this.

Dunno why I didnt get this shade earlier but thank God for the gift! I've bought two more classics from this range - Cha Cha Cherry and Kiss me Coral which Ill review soon. 

Have you tried Cherries in the Snow or any other lipstick from the Super Lustrous range? Which one is your favorite?

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