Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Avon Absinthe Nails of the Day

Avon is one of my favorite brands for nail polishes and I'm sure you know that by now after all the Avon NOTDs. I love that the polishes are reasonably priced, have a large variety of shades with great texture and finish and with a decent wear time as well. Avon recently launched the Nailwear Pro+ range in three categories - Creme, Shimmer and Sequins. These polishes claim a longer wear time (12 days!), more color, fuller coverage and richer formula. I bought a few of these a couple of months back but somehow never got around wearing the shade Absinthe. No idea why! Tried it on today and I'm quite impressed by the color and the quality.

Absinthe is a sequin finish and the color is a pale green with yellow undertone and golden microshimmer. In the catalog however the color looked much more brighter and that was what got me attracted so I was a teeny bit disappointed. Nevertheless, this looks really pretty too. I loved the texture of the polish. The shimmers are not gritty, went on really smooth, dried within minutes of applying and needed two coats to go opaque. I wore this in the morning and no sign of chipping yet. I can't wear one polish on my nails for 12 days so can't possibly let you know whether the 12 day no chipping claim is true. Do let me know if any of you tried it out. 

Here's how the color looks on me. Please excuse the state of my nails. Was back to my nail biting habit for a while (I know I not a regular offender though. Only at times!)

Have you tried any of the Nailwear Pro+ polishes? Please share which one is your favorite shade. 

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