Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Splash - Review, Pics

For all of you who are unaware, is currently having a 40% off clearance sale on some of Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secrets products!..The first time I saw the ad, I practically jumped in excitement. I love these brands and a 40% off on them sounded too good to be true. Then came the difficult decide whether I should haul or not? The devil in me said Go Right ahead girl, so what if you have been spending like crazy. That's why you are earning right? And the angel in me said hey girl get a hold of yourself. You don't need another body mist or body lotion. Finish the ones you have first! The tussle between good and evil went on for a couple of days till the angel finally gave up and I succumbed to the devil. Went ahead and ordered the Bath and Body Works Exotic Coconut Body Splash for Rs 550 (MRP is Rs 810). And yes that's all I ordered! Hope the angel is not too mad now!

Now coconut is not a smell that I would usually buy. Infact, I've never bought anything that has the smell of coconut apart from our apna Parachute oil. I must admit the Cherry Blossom and White Citrus mists did tempt me a lot, but I decided to veer away from my comfort zone and try something different. 

This was the first time I tried out purplle and it was a pleasant experience. The product was dispatched promptly and it was delivered in a nice sturdy cardboard box. Forgot to take pics so cant show you what the box looked like. 

Bath & Body Works describes Exotic Coconut as 'Toasted Coconut folded into sweet cream. At once, both fresh and sensuous' I can't really smell the cream but I do smell the coconut and its really refreshing. Infact, more than the cream its a coconutty citrusy smell that I get. Nowhere is citrus mentioned but that's what I smell..could be the aloe vera. 

The splash is in a plastic spray bottle with a very Hawaiian cover theme of a coconut and a hibiscus flower. The smell of this body splash is light, airy and refreshing but only after it settles down after the first spray. What hits the nose first is a smell of strong alcohol and that's not something I like very much. Thankfully, it disappears quite fast. If you are sensitive to the smell of alcohol, do try out the splash first, else you might not be using it at all. The Body splash is not a perfume so it does not linger for long but it's there for around a couple of hrs, after which you have to bring your nose to the pulse points to get a whiff. 

In a nutshell, the Exotic Coconut Body Splash has a nice tropical smell and is great for summers. For me, its a pleasant change from all the fruity and floral scents that I've been wearing so far. I won't say its out of this world but its not too bad either. 

Have you tried any of BBW's Body Splashes? Any favorites?
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