Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Accessories Shopping from Fab Alley

I've lately been obsessed with angel wings!..Remember that Axe ad 'Angels Will Fall'? The ad was really corny but I loved those wings and wanted to get some jewelry in that design, specially a ring. I searched high and low but couldn't get one that really made me go wowww. That's till I stumbled upon the website faballey.com.

This is now officially my favorite online store to shop from! Absolutely love their collection of jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves and now even clothing. Not sure if the clothes will fit me though but they sure look pretty. Found this gorgeous Gothic Angel Knuckle Ring on the website and I was in love!. Thankfully faballey was having a 25% off sale last week so I couldn't resist the temptation of picking up a hot pink patent leather bag as well. I'm also obsessed with Hot Pink btw...

Got the package delivered yesterday and I'm so happy with the products. The ring was for Rs 350 and the bag for Rs 1500. Got a discount of Rs 375 and including the COD charge of Rs 50 (why faballey??? me no like this) , the total came to Rs 1525. Thankfully, shipping is free.

Here's a closer look at my shopping.

What do you think? Liked what I bought?

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