Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Reader's Spotlight - Ritu Talks About Her Love Affair with Diamonds

This week's spotlight is on Ritu Rajput, a fellow blogger and someone who has become a good friend over the last couple of months. I remember before I started my own blog, I used to read her's regularly because of the dusky beauty similarity :)..Ritu writes at http://www.theindianbeauty.com/ and it's still one of the blogs I read regularly because of the in depth reviews and good quality content. Not to mention the exciting contests and awesome giveaways:))

We all know that she writes a darn good blog but did you know that Ritu is actually a Doctor by profession? She says that even though she is a doctor,  her heart lies in all things creative. She loves designing clothes for herself and her mom, absolutely loves make-up, fashion, and everything beautiful. Her weaknesses are 
1. expensive perfumes, and 2. diamonds.

Today Ritu shares with us what adorns her ears every single day - solitaire earring studs, embedded in gold.

 "These were a gift from Dad, and have been made to order by our trusted jeweler. I have been wearing them every single day since the last 2 years now. I do not like changing my earrings frequently, and I just can't wear imitation jewelry (my ears go sore), except for weddings and functions, for 2-3 hours"

Those are beautiful earrings Ritu. I love solitaires as well and the ones that I have are from my parents too :)

Thank you for sharing with me and my readers. May you get many many more diamonds :))



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