Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Articles for Pepperfry's Blog, Apun Ka Fry

Some time back the editor of Pepperfry's blog, Apun Ka Fry reached out to me asking if I was interested in writing guest posts for them. Honestly, till that time I didn't even know that pepperfry had a blog!!I checked it out and was really impressed by the content. The articles are informative, interesting and also fun to read. I said yes and till date, have written two articles for them which are now on the blog.

The first one is all about skincare and how you can Achieve Flawless Skin Without Makeup. Here's a sneak peek at the article..

Ask a girl what’s on top of her beauty agenda, and the answer will be a clear complexion and glowing skin. While flawless skin is on everyone’s wish list, our stressful lives and unhealthy lifestyle can make it difficult to achieve one but it’s really not impossible. With these simple tips and trusted products, you can boast of healthy, radiant skin in no time.
Our skin’s health is greatly affected by our lifestyle, diet and skincare. Make sure you get proper sleep to rejuvenate the skin and exercise regularly to increase blood flow. Feed yourself plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drink those eight glasses of water every day so that you are healthy and hydrated on the inside and out.
Not to forget, a good skincare routine makes a huge difference. Taking your makeup off religiously at night, resisting spot squeezing and using products that suit your skin are the foundations for flawless skin.
Given below are some recommendations for products, readily available on Pepperfry, which you can use to get perfect skin.
Cleansing – A great cleanser suitable for your skin type is the first step. Vedicline has a wonderful and affordable range of face washes that you can try.  If you have oily skin with an acne problem, go for the Neem Brahmi Face Wash (Rs 125). To read the rest of the article, click here
The second article is on Exciting Gift Ideas for Men. Here's a preview..
Unlike women choosing gift for a man is a tough task. Because first of all, compared to items for women, there are way fewer options for men. Just think of any mall or store and compare the men’s section size to that of the women’s and you will know what we are talking about. The worst part is that men usually want something when they ‘need’ it, not vice versa.
So what do you actually do when you have to gift something special to that special man in your life?
First of all, you need to plan the process. Find out what his hobbies and favorite ‘toys’ are. Not sure? Then go with something practical; something that helps him work, play or relax. Clothes are fine as long as you know his tastes and here is the big difference from getting gifts for a woman and for a man – stay well away from decorative items. Honestly most guys neither appreciate nor understand their value!
In case you need ideas for gifting (and don’t have the time to visit a mall physically) Pepperfrystocks a wide variety of products for men.
So read on to know what you should opt for if you want to please your man. Be 100% assured that he will love them!

For the rest of the article, click here
Can I request you to click on the links above and hop,skip and jump to Apun Ka Fry to read the full articles?? Don't forget to let me know whether you liked them or not :)
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