Friday, 13 July 2012

Look What The Mailman Delivered!!

Delicious aren't they?? All strawberry and chocolate goodness in a cupcake!! Well, just that it's meant for your skin :))))....Yes my pretties, you are looking at the Hot Pink Cupcake and the Dirty Chocolate Cupcake soaps from Soulflower!! Had ordered them a couple of days back from the Soulflower website (which btw is the cutest website ever) and the package arrived today. Believe me girls its so tough not to want to grab a bite of these beauties. I haven't used them yet so can't really write a review but if you want to know how they smell? Well, sniffing them makes me want to go and raid a bakery!

Posting the pics. Drool on :))).......

Isn't the package cute??

Pot pourri and soap sprinkles

Real coffee beans and a cinnamon stick!

Liked my two new beauties?? Do share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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