Thursday, 12 July 2012

Join My Fall in Love With Yourself Campaign, Answer a Question and Win a Victoria's Secret Perfume Mist!!

I am a big fashion junkie. I love browsing through fashion websites, spend a lot of money every month on buying fashion magazines, my favorite shows are the ones that involve makeovers etc etc...No doubt they are entertaining and also very helpful but the flip side to this glossy world is the unrealistic images of beauty that we are bombarded with everyday. No one looks real anymore! Every little flaw is touched up, every extra inch is trimmed to give us that perfect picture!

How many times have we looked at a picture in a magazine and compared it with ourselves? How many times have we curvy girls gone into depression looking at models in bikinis sporting washboard abs? How many times have we hated our bodies and just wished that we looked like one of those girls with the perfect hair, perfect face, perfect skin and perfect body?

A lot of fashion bloggers worldwide have joined in a movement to say No to Photoshop in their blogs. A movement to spread body positivity through fashion and I'm joining in as well through my own little way. We concentrate so much on our flaws...i don't like my hair, I don't like my big butt, I hate my round thighs etc etc..How many times have we actually stood in front of a mirror and appreciated what we have? 

I would love it if you my readers actually do that. Look at yourself closely. Forget the flaws. Think of what you love about your body. Is it your shining hair? The beautiful eyes? That winning smile? Yes pretties....bring out that narcissist in you! Join my Fall in Love with Yourself campaign! 

Just answer a simple question. What do you love most about yourself and why? 

You can either enter your response in the Comments below or send me an email with your name, email address, location at Another rule is to follow my blog via GFC.  I would also request you to share this in your blogs as well. 

The person with the best answer will win a Victoria's Secret Mist in Tempting Berry!!...This contest is open only for Indian Nationals (Sorry to my international readers this time but do put in your comments as well) till 27th July and I will announce the winner on the 29th. So do keep a watch!

Looking forward to your responses girls..



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