Friday, 3 October 2014

Memebox Jackpot Box 8th Place - Review, Unboxing

Memebox had come out with a limited edition Jackpot box late August priced at $32 and you could get products worth $155 to $1000 depending on the 'place' you got. I stayed awake till 2 a.m with a few fellow bloggers trying to snag one of these boxes. I always have horrible luck with contests/giveaways etc so wasn't really expecting to get a first, second or third place box. Got eighth place (at least wasn't last!)  and my box contains products worth $165. 

Each Memebox always comes with an information card explaining how to use the products but the Jackpot box does not have one. I had to go to the website to figure out which box I got and to get information on the products. Here are the details..

1. COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad ($7) - This is an exfoliating pad enriched with natural AHA components, various plant extracts, and fermented extracts which work to easily yet very effectively remove dead skin cells and excess sebum off the face. I'm supposed to moisten the peeling pad with water, create enough foam, and rub the foam on my face. I've used a bubble peeling face wash by Etude House and loved the effect on my skin. Hopefully this should work well too. 

2. COTTERANG Acne Killer Kit 16ml+5ml ($20) - A 7-days bio peeling product which consists of the Killer Peeling Pad & the Killer Tok Tok Sol, this anti-trouble Killer Kit works to remove stubborn acne and excess dead skin cells piled up on the skin. A very handy kit for sudden breakouts but worried that this might dry out skin. Will wait and see. 

3. IOPE Essential Facial Oil 30ml ($90) - Definitely the star of the box. The oil contains organic argan and macadamia oil to provide deep nourishment and hydration. With autumn setting in, my skin is slowly turning dry and this will probably be my best friend in the coming months. 

4. TOSOWOONG Time Shift Skin Toner 120ml ($34) - This Time Shift Skin Toner is enriched with nutrition-rich fermented extracts, galactomyces ferments, snail mucus extracts, bifida ferments, and various plant oils. Will use this along with the IOPE Facial Oil to banish dryness. 

5. DERMAHOUSE Collagen Firming Cream 30ml ($29) - The abundant collagen, shea butter, and mango shea butter ingredients in the Collagen Firming Cream work to lock in moisture and deliver beneficial nutrients deep down into the skin. I'm not getting any younger so might give it a try.

6. HAIR+ Velvet Nutri-Injection 12ml ($5) - Dry ends are a big problem of mine and this product claims to repair them. Wish I got a few more of these. 

7. DEAR JANE Kiss My Lips Glossy Color 3.5g ($11) - I got the shade Vivid Jane and it is a lovely peachy orange color. 

8. RIRE Lip Manicure 3.7g ($15) - Got the shade Warm Peach but it is more of a coral pink. Beautiful bright color, richly pigmented and it stays on and on. So glad I got this. 

Left to Right - Warm Peach, Vivid Jane

Overall I'm very happy with my eighth place box. It has some lovely products and I can use all of them. The Jackpot box is no longer available but they just launched some great boxes today that you should definitely check out. Please use my affiliate link and these codes when you shop :D

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