Monday, 6 October 2014

Experiencing the Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside Treatment + Hair Makeover

Do you know what cause hair damage?

1. Excessive heat styling when done without heat protection and
2. Overprocessing when done using incorrect protocol and poor quality products

Hair gets damaged from both inside and outside.

Inside - damaged protein bonds & a broken hair skeleton making it very porous
Outside - undernourished, rough, dull, lifeless and prone to split ends

Matrix Biolage is now here with the 1st dual repair treatment that reconstructs hair from inside and outside and I got to experience the Biolage Advanced Repairinside treatment recently at the Matrix Technical Studio in Kolkata. Suman Das, the Matrix Training expert carried out the treatment on me and also explained how the treatment and the products work on the hair. Biolage Advanced RepairInside brings together the goodness of Nature with Soya Oil and the power of molecular science with Arginine to effectively repair damaged hair. These rich ingredients help in creating a powerful combination to reconstruct damaged protein from inside and restore the cuticle shield from outside.

The Repairinside treatment is available for two types of damaged hair - Moderate and Severe. Thankfully, Suman diagnosed my hair as moderately damaged and recommended the Advanced Deep Repairing Treatment for 30 mins. Those with severely damaged hair will get the 60 mins treatment.

The treatment includes four steps :

Step 1 - Diagnose and Consult
This is where Suman analysed my hair and recommended the 30 mins treatment.

Step 2 - Treat
My hair was first cleansed with the Repairinside Shampoo (Rs 300 for 200 ml) and then Suman applied the Repairinside Masque all over the hair and kept it on for some time. Next, was a 20 mins hair massage (the best part of any hair treatment for me) and then he rinsed off my hair. 

The treatment begins...

Step 3 - Finish
In this step, at the salon, the expert will apply the Repairinside Leave-in cream (Rs 380 for 100 ml), then blow dry the hair and lastly apply a few drops of Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum for added shine. Suman was very sweet and he gave me two hair styles. One with straight hair and the other with curls. I'm someone who absolutely does not experiment with hair styles because it involves using heat and products that could damage hair but after the treatment, my hair looked and felt so good that I had no qualms at all. Here are the two looks. I liked the one with the curls but a lot of my friends liked the straight hair. What about you?

The major problem with my hair is that it becomes very dry at the ends and invariably what I do is go and chop them off. It's been nearly a week that I've had the treatment and my hair still feels so soft and my ends have not started to tangle yet. I would recommend all of you to try this out at any of the Matrix salons. Your hair deserves it!

The price of the service will depend according to the salons which offer the treatment. 

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