Monday, 20 October 2014

An evening at the movies wearing the new Oriflame The ONE Eyeliner Stylo in Blue

Hiya lovely people. How did you spend your weekend? I watched Annabelle Sunday evening and I had a lot of fun! I'm a huge fan of horror films and this was on my agenda for a long time and I finally managed to watch it. Can't say I loved it too much though. It was scary yes and the image of the doll will probably haunt my dreams for a couple of days but I expected a lot more spooks. It was kinda 'thanda' for me. Have you guys seen it? What did you think?

Makeup today was very basic. I just wore a La Roche Posay BB cream that I had bought in Paris, a tinted lip balm and the new Oriflame The ONE Eyeliner Stylo in the shade Blue, a very dark navy blue that looks almost black on the lids. Oriflame recently launched The ONE range of color cosmetics and the October launches include :
  • The ONE Illuskin Foundation SPF 20- Rs.799/-
  • The ONE Illuskin Concealer – Rs. 349/-
  • The ONE Volume Blast Mascara– Rs. 529/-
  • The ONE Eyeliner Stylo– Rs.499/-
Oriflame The ONE Eyeliner Stylo

I have got all these products to try out and you can expect reviews of them in the coming days. Today, it is the Eyeliner Stylo's turn. These are available in two shades - Black and Blue and both are very pigmented. What I love about the Eyeliner Stylo is that it has a felt tip perfect for those with wobbly hands who find liquid liners hard to use. The tip is pointed so you get a precise line and it is really easy to use the pen. Just as easy it is to use a sketch pen to color. One swipe gives intense color, the finish is glossy and it does not budge. As much as I love the fact that the liner stays on till I remove it , it is really a pain to remove. Johnson's Baby oil can't do anything. The Bioderma cleansing water removed about 50% the first time and I had to go at it another 3-4 times till the color came off. I wish Oriflame had not made it that stubborn!

The shade Blue is a gorgeous dark navy but it looks almost black on my skin tone. On lighter skin tones, the blue will be more prominent. Black is a very pigmented true black color. The Oriflame Eyeliner Stylos have got to be the most pigmented felt tip liners I've used till date and I'll definitely recommend you to try them out. Just get yourself a heavy duty eye makeup remover!

Wearing the Eyeliner Stylo in Blue

Contact an Oriflame representative to buy the ONE range of products. Watch out for the review of the Illuskin foundation next. 

P.S - PR Sample. 

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