Friday, 4 July 2014

Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion - Review

My first reaction on seeing the Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion was " Oh such pretty pink packaging. I love it already!". And after trying it out, can say that I surely do. I've heard a lot about Nyassa products, some good and some not so good things but this is the first time I have used anything from the bath and body products brand. And I have only good things to say about this lovely body lotion priced at Rs 425 for 145 ml.

Nyassa Divine Lotus Light Body Lotion

Like the delicate and nourishing touch of Mother Nature, this body lotion touches your skin with the softness your skin deserves .infused with just the right natural ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling wonderful soft, smooth and nourished. Divine Lotus body lotion mainly contains Lotus Extracts and Wheatgerm Oil. Lotus Extract is an effective natural moisturizer and also acts as a toning agent making your skin taut and younger looking. High in Vitamin E and protein wheatgerm oil helps promote new skin cell growth, making for younger looking skin.

The packaging as you can see is quite pretty. I think the brand has changed its packaging recently and I must say the change has definitely been for the better. The bottle has a pump to dispense the lotion and you can twist the cap around to lock it and prevent the lotion from spilling out. The lotion has a  light flowery smell which I  like but the smell does not last on my skin for a very long time which is a con.

In terms of consistency, the lotion is quite thick but it spreads evenly and is easy to blend into the skin. Even though it is termed a light body lotion, it does not really sink into the skin immediately. So after applying the lotion, you can still feel it for about 6-7 minutes if you touch your skin. It then disappears completely to give a soft, smooth feel to my skin. The moisturising effect of the lotion lasts for a very long time. I usually apply it after a shower and before going to work. I do not experience any dryness throughout the day and its usually again at night that I reapply. The price to me is on the higher side but again the quality and quantity of the product is pretty good.

I am really enjoying using the Divine Lotus lotion right now and I think you will like it too. If you have very oily skin, it might be a tad too heavy for you but if you have dry skin, this is a wonderful product and can be used all year. You can buy the lotion and other Nyassa products from Nykaa, Purplle, Limeroad or from Nyassa's website.

Have you used any of Nyassa's products? Do share in the comments below which are your favorites.

P.S - Sample provided by brand. Honest review as always.

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