Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Rose Gold - Review, Swatches

Early this year, Makeup Revolution, a budget brand made its debut in UK with a host of products at really cheap prices. Their lipsticks I think cost only a pound and a 32 shade eye shadow palette for only eight pounds! Makeup Revolution is available in India through Jabong and while browsing their new makeup launch section, I came across this Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in the shade Rose Gold. What is disappointing is that while the price of this product in the UK is £4.00, Jabong is selling it for Rs 990 which is crazy! Thankfully, I had a voucher of Rs 500 and the end price of Rs 490 was not bad for this dupe of the famous Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Foils priced at £47. 

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Rose Gold

This product comes with a tiny liquid eye primer and a metallic tray. You are supposed to put a drop of the primer on the tray, mix it with the shadow which has a cream finish and apply to your lids for that foil effect. You can also apply it directly and I actually like the look of it much better if it is done this way. First time, I made the mistake of mixing too much shadow and the entire thing turned out to be a glittery mess on the eyes (See pic below) . So just use a tiny bit. The shadow once applied sets in pretty fast and stays put for around 5-6 hours without fading. Removing is a pain though as is the case with glitter. You need a strong eye makeup remover and be prepared to get glitter all over your face.

I don't have the famous Stila Eye Foils so can't really compare between the two but this is really meant for special occasions. It is way too glittery, metallic and shiny to be used everyday.  Rose Gold is a very pretty color but on my NC 43.5 skin tone it shows up only as white shiny glitter. The gold is not that visible. If you are buying this, my advice would be not too cover your lids with this shadow unless you are very fair or really want to sparkle and shine. Best way is to dab a tiny amount right in the center for a touch of glitter or use as an eye liner. Do not apply to the inner corners because the primer and glitter might get into your eyes and that is not too safe. 

Eyeshadow mixed with the Primer

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Rose Gold Swatch
Applied too much and I turned into a glitter ball!

Is this product a must have? No it is not but if you like heavy eye makeup and glitter, want to experiment with something new without spending loads of money on the original Stila, it might not be a bad choice. Personally, I would not recommend buying this for Rs 990 because its way too much for something most of us will use occasionally. Makes sense if you have a voucher or points to spend or if you can get it directly for £4.00 from UK.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution product? Do share your experience. 

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