Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lime Crime Velvetine Pink Velvet - Review, Swatch, FOTD

If you are a fan of bright matte lip colors then 90% chance you already have a Lime Crime Velvetine or craving for one. I was in the second category for a really long time but now happy to have been promoted to being the proud owner of my first Velvetine and its all thanks to Dimple who was selling an extra one. Thanks a lot babe :D

Lime Crime Velvetine Pink Velvet

Lime Crime is a US brand that's all about bright, bold and unusual colors and they claim to be vegan and cruelty free. The Velvetines are said to be lip stains that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, long-wearing, and utterly addictive!

Lip stains are usually not too pigmented but Pink Velvet definitely does not shy away from the pigmentation department. I would not really say it is a stain but more a liquid lipstick. Pink Velvet has got to be the most beautiful bright pink I've seen till date. And the best thing is that the color totally complements my warm skin tone (I am a MAC NC 43.5). Pink Velvet goes on opaque in just one swipe and once dry, it stays forever and ever. Remember that ad which had the tagline 'Fill it, shut it, forget it'?. It could so be used for Pink Velvet's ad because really once you fill in your lips with this color, you can pretty much forget about reapplying for a really long time. I love the frosted glass packaging and the smell which is kinda like cake or some kind of dessert (yes I know its weird but that's actually what it reminds me of!). And of course the major reason why I love Pink Velvet is coz it makes me look darn good! 

So by now you know that I love Pink Velvet. I really do but it ain't free of cons. 

1. I hate the applicator that comes with it. Don't use it to line lips first because the color dries so fast, you will be left with a horrible stark pink line around your lips that takes a lot of effort to blend in. The applicator is best used to fill in lips. It has taken me quite a few tries to get the application right by using a lip liner, lip brush and the applicator in combination. Don't listen to what the brand says. Use a lip liner!
2. The color tends to accentuate lip lines and gets wrinkly after a few hours. That's when you need a lip balm  to sort out the issues.
3. You need lips in perfect condition to wear this. If your lips are already dry, it will look horrendous so scrub and drench them in lip balm for at least 10 mins before applying the color.

Lime Crime Velvetine Pink Velvet Swatch

I love Pink Velvet despite the cons for only one reason. It makes me look darn good! (oh I already told you that) and it will make anyone look good. The price is $20 and available at the Lime Crime website and I think they do international shipping. Unless your lips can give major competition to the Sahara in the dryness factor, get Pink Velvet. You will love how it will look on you! And if you are looking for dupes, then check out Sleek's Matte Me range which is pretty awesome too.

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