Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Long Hair Range Shampoo and Conditioner - First Impression

Remember I shared with you in this post that I'm trying out a shampoo and conditioner that claims to make me love my hair even more? No, I still have not figured out the name and the brand but I have been using the products everyday and they are pretty good.

The shampoo and conditioner smell lovely and I'm really happy for that. As much as I hate any fragrance in makeup, I do not use hair products unless they smell good. So these 'mystery' products score in that parameter for me.

Now for the minute details. The shampoo is not too thick or runny and it also does not lather much. So I'm thinking it's probably sulfate-free but not sure. What I like about the shampoo is that its quite gentle and after washing off, the hair feels quite soft and smooth. It does not give volume but makes the hair frizz free which is great. Another plus point is that there is no hair fall or tangled hair. I have dry hair and it suits me perfectly so quite happy with the performance.

The conditioner is not too thick either but quite creamy. I love that it does not weigh my hair down or make it look limp. Paired with the shampoo, my tresses are nowadays looking and feeling very good!

So that was my initial impression of the two products and I'll give you a second update very soon. Watch out!

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