Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hand and feet care from Aaranyaa- skincare naturally

As the season changes from warm to cold, our skin asks for more intense care for the dry and chilly weather.  Going by the natural scenario, our hands and feet are the worst affected
body parts 
during winters. Cracked, dry & rough foot, dry cuticle 
swollen hands are some of the common winter skin problems.

Keep your hands and feet soft and hydrated all through the day with the following hand and feet care products from Aaranyaa- skincare naturally.

Aaranyaa Soft heel Cream MRP: Rs 145
Formulated with natural extracts and organic ingredients, Aaranyaa Soft heel cream is good to cure hard, dry, and cracked heels making the heels feel soft, smooth and crack free. The cream is so effective that one can see positive changes in 4 days. Its also beneficial for the people who have hard and dry skin on elbow and knee joints can also use this cream.

Aaranyaa Foot Massage Scrub MRP: Rs 345
Formulated with natural extracts and essential oils to remove dead skin cells and bacterial infections. It softens hard and dry skin, and relieves the tiredness of feet. The feet become smooth, fresh and free of infections.

Aaranyaa Hand & Cuticle Softening Cream MRP: Rs 145
Specially designed with natural extracts, and essential oils to moisturize the hand, nail plate and cuticles. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin, softens the hand, cuticles, and the skin around the nails and improves the nail contours. Soft and healthy cuticles protect the nails from bacterial and fungal infections.

Aaranyaa Hand & Body Lotion MRP: Rs 225
Formulated with natural extracts and organic ingredients, it helps to replenish the moisture, soothe and heal the skin and protect it from radicals. It is non greasy, gets absorbed in the body quickly, restores the skin elasticity, and makes body soft, supple, and fresh. It can be applied on the entire body including the face.

Available at:

1) Store-18,sector-18, NOIDA; 09650398429

2) Dabur New U Store 
Khan Market, Pacific Mall Rajori Garden, Spice Mall Noida, V3S Mall Laxmi Nagar, Mahagun Metro Mall Vaishali and Central Street Bangalore.

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