Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel Eclipse - Review, Pics, Swatches

Ever since I came across Revlon's nail art range of polishes in international blogs, I've always wanted to lay my hands on these pretty pieces although I must admit that I've never been much into nail art. I love looking and appreciating what amazing things some of you come up with but there is just too much of effort involved in creating something intricate and me basically being a lazy person, I take the easy way out. The max I do is apply glitter on my nails and that is my version of nail art :)..

For people like me as well as serious lovers of nail art, Revlon's new launch will make us very happy. Priced at Rs 300 each, the new line of dual ended polishes comes in three variances - Neon, Moon Candy and Expressionist. Neon range has a white base coat and a bright top coat for a pop of shocking color, Expressionist range has a skinny brush to help draw masterpieces on your nails and Moon Candy has chunky foil flakes to give a 3D effect. I'm always drawn to anything that is shiny and glittery so picked up a Moon Candy in the shade Eclipse.  

Here's what I think about Eclipse:

1. The polish looks pretty cool. On one side, its a dark purple which is the base color and on the other side, a blue and purple flakie polish and the combination works really well. So for Rs 300, you are basically getting two polishes which is decent value for money. They are also great for travel since they do not take up too much space. 

2. The base coat which is the dark purple applies quite well. It goes opaque in about 2 coats and has a moderately glossy finish. Thankfully dries up pretty fast as well.

3. The other end of the tube has the chunky glittery foil flakes. Even though the bottle looks pink, on the nails it turned out to be more blue/purple. I first applied one coat and saw that hardly anything was transferred on to the nails so went in for a second coat.

4. The combination of the dark purple with the flakes is really eye catching and looks lovely. The flakes themselves are rather disappointing though. I love what they do but are too chunky and uneven which means that they do not fall flat on the nails. Some edges stick out so you will need to lightly press them back on. One tip while using any Moon Candy polish - dab to place the flakes rather than sweep them across the nails. That's my learning.

3. Dry time is a bit longer than usual because the flakie polish is thicker than the base coat. So be patient after you have applied this and keep it only to two coats. If you apply more, because of how thick it is, your nails will become a gooey mess!

4. I've been wearing it for about a day and a half now and still have not noticed any chipping. I'm assuming it will be more easier to remove than glitter polish.

Overall Thoughts:

I would have liked the flakie polish to have applied more evenly and sparkle more. The iridescent effect looks good but then 'Ye Dil Always Mange More' right? Despite these few shortcomings, I still think these polishes are worth trying and are decent value for money. There are plenty of shades to choose from so you will definitely find one that you really like. Here's a preview of what's on offer.

Which one do you want to try?

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