Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader & GFC. Hello Bloglovin!

As you all know Google Reader and Google Friend Connect will say bye bye to us tomorrow and from 1st July, we will need to rely on other avenues to follow the blogs we love. I HATE this decision and have no clue why it was taken and I'm sure a lot of you echo the same feeling. But then however much we rant, Google is not listening so we don't have any choice :(...

Here is how you can stay updated about what's going on in Pout Pretty from 1st July onwards..

  • Follow Pout Pretty on Bloglovin. Follow here
  • Follow by email. Just enter your email address on the right side-bar and subscribe.
  • Like the Facebook page here 
  • Follow @PoutPretty on Twitter
  • Follow @PoutPretty on Instagram
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