Sunday, 14 April 2013

L'oreal Paris Color Riche Matte 370 Crazy Fuchsia - Review, Swatch, FOTD

In this post, I'm introducing you to one of my current favorite lipsticks - L'oreal's Color Riche Intense in Crazy Fuchsia. I first spotted this lippie in Graphiti, a Sunday supplement that comes out with the newspaper The Telegraph in Kolkata and I practically went crazy trying to find it. In the ad, the model was wearing the lipstick in combination with a Color Riche gloss in the shade Watermelon and her lips looked so luscious! One look at that ad and I knew I had to get it that very day itself. I immediately switched on the comp and started my search. had the lipstick and they were also giving it at Rs 784 instead of the MRP of Rs 825. I did not think twice before placing the order and I'm so glad I did coz this lipstick is simply gorgeous!

This lipstick however makes me very confused and here's why. L'oreal has been marketing it as a matte but on the lipstick itself, is written Intense. I've read reviews of this shade by international bloggers before buying it and nowhere do they mention that its a matte. I've been using it for about two weeks now and let me tell you, this is not a purely matte lipstick. And neither is it as bright and neon as it looks in the print ad. 

Here's a more detailed review.

1. Packaging is similar to the other Color Riche lipsticks. It's a gold case with Intense printed on it. The lipstick is best suited for light brunettes according to L'oreal as that's what's mentioned below Intense.
2. The smell is very strong and those who do not like fragrant lipsticks, you will probably not like it. The artificial berry smell hits you pretty hard when you open the case but it lasts for only about a second, which is good. 
3. Oh the pretty color! And that's what I fell in love with at first sight. In the tube, the color is a bright pink with coral undertones. On the lips, its more of pink than coral and it looks less brighter than it does in the tube. On darker skin tones, a lot of times, bright pinks don't really go that well, but this one suits me just fine! On lighter skin tones, this would be equally awesome. The pigmentation is also super and one swipe would cover pigmented lips easily.
4. Color Riche lipsticks are enriched with a combination of Omega 3 oils and Vit-E which gives the lipstick a soft, creamy texture and also helps to keep lips moisturized. I love how smooth and weightless this lipstick feels and it does not dry out lips at all. I also love the sheen that it gives to the lips. I definitely don't think this is a matte but if that's what L'oreal claims, then kudos to them for coming out with this non-drying, moisturising matte formula. 
5. I have a terrible habit of licking off lipsticks so even the most transfer resistant lipsticks stay on my lips not more than 4 hours. This one despite its creamy texture lasts around 4 hours as well so if you don't have my bad habit, it will definitely last longer on you. 
6. The price is quite high though at Rs 825 and there will be many who will think of paying a little bit more and getting a MAC but let me tell you, this color and quality is nothing less than a MAC. I paid Rs 784 for this shade at so you might want to check out online first for better deals.

And this is how it looks on me..

I am loving this lipstick for sure. If like me, you are fond of bright pink shades, don't go crazy trying to get that perfect color, just buy Crazy Fuchsia. The color is gorgeous, the texture is smooth and creamy and it lasts for a long time. Pout Pretty's pout definitely recommends!

Have you tried Crazy Fuchsia? What's your favorite hot pink shade?

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