Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick Plush - Review, Swatches

I've recently been on a lipstick buying spree which means that you will see a lot of lippie reviews on the blog in the coming days. Also, if you've been following me for sometime, you will know that all of them will be in very bright colors. Yes, subtle and natural is just not me! Not that I don't like them but I look horrible in light or nude shades! Still on the hunt for that perfect nude lipstick though.

Sleek Makeup recently came out with 10 new shades in the True Color lipstick range and most of them are very bright colors in either matte or sheen finish. It took me nearly two days to finalize what I wanted to order and in the end settled for Plush, a matte and Smother, a sheen. Haven't touched Smother yet but I've been using a lot of Plush so ready to share my thoughts on the lipstick. 

The packaging of the lipsticks is really cute. When I got hold of them, my first reaction was OMG these are tiny. Why did I pay nearly Rs 650 on such less product? One of my fellow bloggers was the first to point out to me that 3.5g is actually much more than a MAC lipstick which is 3g. After reading the comment, I carefully examined the lippie and realized that it's not really low in quantity but that's just how its packaged. The good thing is that these can be easily popped into a purse or clutch unlike the larger tubes which take up more space. The outer packaging is rather stylish and the swatch on the cover gives an idea of the color inside. Unfortunately, it's not an exact match but nearly two shades darker. The bullet is encased in a rubbery black tube which I've heard is similar to NARS packaging. I'm not a fan of this rubbery tube because it's a magnet for attracting dust if left outside. Much prefer the usual metal packaging. The name labels on the bottom matches the lipstick shade and that can be helpful when you are trying to search for a particular shade amongst many others in a drawer. 

Plush is a really pretty raspberry color which will look good on all skin tones. It is bright but not so bright as to shield your eyes from it. The color just brightens up the entire face and you don't need a lot of makeup when you are wearing this. Liner, Mascara, a hint of foundation, blush and Plush is all you need to turn heads!

OK so I've told you that I like the packaging, the pretty color and now I'm also adding that I love how pigmented the lipstick is. Now let me come to the bad. It's extremely dry and terrible to apply! Even though the True Color lipsticks are supposed to be enriched with Vit E, Plush definitely shows no sign of Vit E. The first time I applied the lipstick, I was struggling to get this to apply smoothly. Way too much pulling and tugging involved! Next time, no such mistake. I applied a balm first and the situation improved slightly but still significant dryness.  From the reviews that I've read of the other True Colors, all the mattes in this range are very drying so pretties with dry lips, you might want to stay away. One advantage of the finish is that it lasts for a long time on the lips. I get around 5 hours after which it fades away leaving a pretty pink stain. 

Honestly, the only thing that I like about this lipstick is the color and that's why I try everything to make it comfortable for my lips which includes prior scrubbing and applying a generous dose of lip balm. Totally dislike the texture! In the US and UK, these might be considered budget lipsticks but here, with the amount I have to pay to buy one of these, I'd rather get a Velvet matte from Colorbar which applies much better. No more Sleek True Color matte lipstick for me! Have read that the sheen finishes are very good and moisturising. Will share my thoughts once I try out Smother. 

Have you tried any of the Sleek True Colour Matte lipsticks? What's your experience?
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