Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Vedic Line+ SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin - Review

Vedic Line is a brand that I read a lot about in blogs but I've never tried any of their products. Recently, I was sent some samples from the brand and out of the ones I received one was SensiTone, a face wash for sensitive skin. I've been using this for nearly two weeks now and I'm pretty happy with it.

What does Vedic Line say about the product?

If you have sensitive skin, it is most prone to skin rashes, pimples, and acne with a dull,frenzied look. Vedic Line+ SensiTone Face Wash is is particularly designed for sensitive skin and is highly effective in deep cleansing and providing instant rejuvenation to dry skin.Washing your face daily with this face wash will help in getting rid of excess oil and clogged pores, thereby ensuring an instant glow and fresh, younger looking skin.

My views about the product

1. It's paraben free and not tested on animals so that's definitely a big plus for me. However, it contains SLES which means that it is not completely devoid of chemicals
2. The packaging is very basic. Wish it looked slightly better. The appearance is very 'medicated face wash' like.
3. Love the aqua smell that's very fresh and refreshing
4. It's a gel face wash that has a watery consistency. I like that it's got a water base and is not too 'gel like'
5. Like that it's a mild face wash. It cleans effectively but don't expect this to take off all makeup. You will need something extra for that
6. The skin feels clean,smooth and fresh after washing this off and I like that feeling. Since it controls oil, my dry skin does feel a tad dry though. Will need to check in summer if the dryness persists or its only because of the weather
7. No breakouts on skin after using this
8. Effective in getting rid of excess oil. Oily skin beauties, do take notice!
9. Affordable at Rs 150 for 100 ml

This is a pretty good face wash specially if you have oily, sensitive skin. It's mild, does not irritate skin and cleans well. You can try out SensiTone if you are looking for a face wash with these properties. 

P.S - Sample sent by brand. Review 100% mine

Have you tried any Vedic Line products?
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