Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Garnier Light Eye Roll-on Pen - Review

I'm a complete night bird. However not by choice but by profession and have been one for the last three years. I go to sleep everyday at 5.00 am and this professional hazard has really taken a toll on my eyes unfortunately :(. I have a bad case of puffiness when I get up in the morning and I've been battling dark circles too. A product that I've been trying out for some days is the Garnier Light Eye Roll-on, voted product of the year in 2010 and quite pleased with the results.

The Eye Roll-On contains caffeine, an energizing and anti-tiredness ingredient as well as pro-Vitamin B5 to work on hydration. Both together claim to reduce puffiness, dark circles and brighten the eye contour. The product is designed like a pen with a roll-on metal cap to massage the eye area and I really like the design. It's compact, safe for travelling and can be applied without using the fingers. I use it after waking up and anytime that my eyes look puffy. Because of the metal roll on cap, the liquid feels cool and its very refreshing. Thankfully, the liquid gets absorbed very fast into the skin and does not run all over the face. 

This has become a staple in my handbag ever since I've started using it. Whenever I feel my eyes need a pick-me-up, out comes the roll-on and I say hello to bright looking eyes instantly. The puffiness does get reduced and the eye area looks brighter but the only con is that the results do not last for long. This is a quick fix solution for puffiness but to see if I can say bye bye to puffiness and dark circles forever , Ill have to test this product for a considerable amount of time. 

Here's what I like about the Garnier Light Eye Roll-on :

1. Compact design and easy to apply
2. Liquid is very light and gets absorbed very fast
3. No need to use fingers to massage in the product
4. A little goes a long way
5. The cooling effect is very soothing 
6. Gives visible results for puffiness and tired looking eyes
7. Reasonably priced at Rs 199
8. No side effects or breakouts
9. Does not dry out the skin

What I don't like:

1. Results are not long lasting. I wake up to puffy eyes everyday and only when I apply this can I see a difference. 
2. Not made a lot of difference to dark circles yet. 
2. Would have preferred the tube to be transparent. Can't figure out how much is left

Overall Thoughts:

At Rs 199, its worth trying out specially for all of you who sit in front of computers at a stretch or have late nights. This is quite a handy product to brighten the eye contour and make eyes look less tired.

Have you tried the Garnier Roll-on pen? What has been your experience?

P.S - Product sent by Brand P.R. Review 100% mine

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