Sunday, 24 February 2013

20 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Pretties

I've really enjoyed reading this post on other blogs so I jumped on the bandwagon as well. This post is for all of you who want to know more about the person behind Pout Pretty and the fact that she has an unhealthy makeup addiction!..Presenting 20 Random Facts About Me..

1. As a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist and the history lessons of Mohenjodaro and Harappa fascinated me no end. History was a subject that I loved in school and chose it for my B.A Hons as well. I have absolutely no connection with history now but I still love the subject and continue to be fascinated by anything antique and vintage.

2. I used to be quite a terror when young. Notorious for beating up the neighborhood kids!

3. I have an elder brother who in his teens was very much into rock music and body building. He could never really rub off his enthusiasm for fitness on me but ensured that I was up to date with whatever was happening in the lives of Iron Maiden, Guns & Roses, Metallica, Sylvestor Stallone, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the likes.

4.  I am a huge movie buff. As a kid, I must have watched The Sound of Music nearly 20 times and I did not eat for a day after watching Haathi Mere Saathi. Why did they have to kill that elephant???

5. My first crush was Superman. Nope not Christopher Reeves but Superman. Which girl would not like to be taken on a late night date to planet Krypton flying high in the sky??

6. I absolutely hate maths. I was terrible at it and still am.

7. The first lipstick that I ever tried was my mum's Revlon Fire and Ice. Thus started my love for lipsticks and the color red. And it still continues...

8. I once streaked my hair golden yellow when it was the 'in' thing to do and needless to say I looked terrible. Case in point, Indian skin and golden hair do not go very well!

9. I have a dog whose name is Hero. He is a 10 yr old daschund and is as big a foodie as I am. Veg, non-veg, sweet,sour,hot,spicy, he eats them all.

10. My favorite food in the world is chicken tandoori. I hardly eat red meat but chicken is the love of my life. Next comes chocolates.

11. I went to Goa with four of my girl friends 3 yrs back and it's one of my best vacations till date. Planning to go there soon.

12. My dream destination is however Egypt. I've been fascinated by that country ever since I was a kid and I have to fulfil my dream of visiting someday. 

13. My favorite chocolates are Twix and Ferrero Rocher. There are a number of high end brands out there but nothing gives me greater pleasure than biting into one of these.

14. Spiders and cockroaches do not scare me but flying birds that get too close for comfort do. And clowns!

15. My work hours are crazy. When all of you are fast asleep at night, I'm wide awake working. I usually go to sleep at 5 a.m.

16. Yesterday I went to watch the film Kai Po Che and loved it. Much better than the book.

17. I hate potato and mayonnaise. Separately or together does not matter. Please tell me there are others who don't like them either!

18. I started blogging on June 24th 2012 and my first review was that of MAC's Party Parrot lipstick. This is my 304th post!

19. I absolutely love wearing sarees but its all silk and cotton for me. Blingy, TV serial type sarees look terrible on me and I never wear them. I'm all for natural, traditional and handloom.

20. It's now 3.46 a.m on a Sunday and I can hear a nightingale who's trying its best to wake everyone up with its chirping and singing. I should now go to sleep though!

So now you know a little bit more about me than when you started reading this post. It was really fun to write and for those of you who patiently went through the entire post, thank you for being here. I would love to know about you too and will be very happy if you write some random facts about yourself in the comments box below. Let's get to know each other..



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