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How to Take Care of Your Skin & Hair in Winter - Tips by Dr Kiran Lohia,MD

How to Nurture Your Dry Skin And Hair

Taking care of yourself is vital at all times of the year. But, in winters, our skin and hair tends to suffer more trauma than usual due to the tough environmental conditions. Everything tends to get drier, rougher and duller as the season progresses, making almost everyone search for a solution to their woes! As an accredited dermatologist, my role is to ensure that your skin and hair is healthy and nourished from the inside out at all times. Read below for my advice for your winter worries!

Why does Dry Skin and Hair occur?

Dry skin and hair occurs mainly due to environmental conditions . For example, dry cold air, heater air, wind, prolonged hot shower use, not drinking enough water and more are major causes! All these factors are important to recognize because they cause external and internal dehydration. They in fact extract the moisture from your skin and hair leaving it dull, dry and lustreless!

However, do not fear! You can survive this season! Any dermatologist knows that dry hair and skin is both preventable and treatable!

How to Treat And Prevent Dry Hair

1 –  Avoid Hot Water! Excess use of hot water on the hair will steal the moisture from your hair, leaving it rough and unmanageable. Try to use lukewarm or cold water to help seal in its moisture!

2 - Reduce the Shampooing! When you wash your hair daily, you strip the natural oils from the hair shaft, leaving it dry and without any natural shine. Dermatologists recommend washing your hair no more than 2-3 times a week! This allows your hair to nourish itself through the scalp’s natural production of oil.

3 – Always Use Conditioner!  To keep your tresses lustrous and to keep dry hair at bay, you must use a conditioner after washing your hair. A good conditioner will deliver moisturising agents to nourish the hair’s cuticle while also adding back its shine!

4 - Protect Against the Sun! Have you ever noticed how the top layer of your hair is drier and rougher than the bottom layers? This is because that layer is exposed to the sun! UV light degenerates the outer layer of the hair, causing hair to become dry and aged! Try and protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun by wearing a hat or covering your hair with a scarf or dupatta.

5 – Oil Massage Helps! Oil massage with coconut oil specifically will help nourish the hair shaft. Coconut oil is proven to help increase hair moisture and lustre because the hair is able to specifically absorb coconut oil’s fatty acids!

How to Treat and Prevent Dry Skin

1–Use a Humidifer!Try and use a humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. Humidifiers release water into the atmosphere, resulting in less water being taken up from the skin.

2–Protect Against The Sun! - The sun increases Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (water lost from the skin), thereby dehydrating it. Dermatologists always advise proper sun avoidance and sun protection (at least SPF 30++) for both UVB and UVA protection to prevent dryness as well as the sun’s other harmful skin effects of premature aging and pigmentation.

3 – Remember Your Omega Fatty Acids!- Include Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in your diet as it is an important component for proper skin hydration. These essential nutrients act by reinforcing the skin barrier, making your epidermis more moist and supple. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are found in fatty fishes as well as in nuts, avocados, and flaxseed, along with other sources.

5 – Avoid Soap! - The pH of soap is usually more than 9, while the skin’s pH is 5.5. This high pH causes the skin barrier to breakdown, leaking out water, lipids and nutrients. This increases dryness and can even result in rashes and worsen eczema. Instead of soap, use moisturising washes!

6 –Add Your Natural Moisturising Factors! - Try to look for washes that include ingredients known as Natural Moisturising Factors. Natural Moisturising Factors are humectants that are naturally present in the skin to help increase skin moisturisation and suppleness. When skin is dry, there are less Natural Moisturising Factors in the skin, so it is important to add them back in through your skin care routine!

Follow the above dermatological advice to get the skin and hair you want this season!

Dr. Kiran Lohia, MD

Dr. Kiran Lohia is a Columbia University graduate and a United States trained M.D., specializing in Dermatology. She is American Board Certified with a further degree in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Lohia is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology, International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology among others. Having additionally completed a Diploma course in Cosmetic Science through the U.K. Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Dr. Lohia has the distinction of being the first physician with both advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Chemistry knowledge. She is considered an authority on dermatology and skin care and has written articles for The Times of India, The Tribune, The Deccan Herald, Complete Wellbeing magazine, Prevention magazine and many more! She has also been featured in magazines like Prevention, Grihalaxmi and numerous other health and beauty related blogs and websites. 

Based on her specialized knowledge, she undertook the challenge to create dermatologically efficacious and irritation-free skin therapies. She formed her own Research and Development Department and a Scientific Advisory Team, and undertook an extensive research and development phase. She collaborated with Dermatology Research Laboratories in France, Italy, Spain and the USA to develop the most cutting-edge skin technology. After years of research and testing, COSMEDIC was born. It is the first brand with revolutionary products that are formulated, tested and approved by dermatologists. For proper ethical standards, Cosmedic has also ensured that each and every skin solution is Vegan and has not been tested on or used any animal products. Cosmedic is the first brand in India to be certified by both PETA and the Vegetarian Society, UK.  Please visit for more details.
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