Monday, 10 December 2012

The Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment Contest Entry

I used to have straight hair as a kid and I used to long for curls then. When I entered my teens, magically my straight hair turned wavy and its been that way ever since. And now I long for straight hair! Well, we humans are such an unhappy lot! To get long and straight hair, we either go for rebonding or ironing. Have you ever thought of any other ways of straightening your hair? Well, neither did I but the contest sponsored by Sunsilk  and got me thinking. The theme of the contest is to come up with the craziest, whackiest and wildest experimental idea to get perfect straight hair and there are plenty of prizes to be won. So here are my four whacky ideas:

1.  Glue Hair Straight -

To do this, all you will need is some extra strong glue. Just apply the glue to the hair and pull it through to the ends. Once the glue dries up, apply a good shine serum. Voila! you have long straight hair!

2. Help from your Pet -

How about taking some help from Rocky? Lie flat on the ground with your hair stretched out. Before doing that, put something on your hair that your dog likes to lick, could be anything sweet or salty. Once you lie on the ground, ask him to come and lick your hair. Its gonna be tough to hold his attention but make sure he's at it for quite some time. All the saliva will straighten the hair in no time!

3. Tie Weights - 

If you have long hair, tie some weights at the ends and make sure you keep them there for a few days. Its gonna hurt but if you can tolerate the pain, you will have super straight hair!

4. Some help from the kitchen -

For this you will need two plain stainless steel or ceramic plates and a friend to help you. Heat the plates first. and ask your friend to hold one in each hand. Put hair in between the two plates and ask your friend to start ironing the hair with the hot plates from top to bottom. Reheat once the plates get cold and repeat until your hair is fully straightened. Finish off with a shine serum!

Any more suggestions?

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