Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup - Review & Swatch

Last week when I saw the Revlon Colorstay whipped creme makeup in a store, I was so happy that I snagged one immediately. In fact I was the first one to do so after the launch in the store! Not that I need another foundation, but this one was just too hard to resist. At Rs 800, it seemed quite decently priced and I loved the luxurious look of it. Have been using it pretty regularly since last week so all set to share my thoughts on the product.

What is it?

This is the newest addition to Revlon's colorstay range and was launched in the US some months back. The mousse-like texture feels like silk on your skin. And, the time release formula balances skin for a flawless look. All day flexible wear without flaking, caking or feeling heavy. 

In the US, it is available in 16 shades. However, I saw about four in the store here. I was confused between Natural Tan and Warm Golden and after a lot of thought went in for the latter, a warm medium shade. It brightens up my complexion and I love that!

Packaging - While I love the luxurious high-end Chanel-esque look of the foundation, I wish it wasn't this heavy! The tub is made of glass therefore its very bulky and not great for travelling at all. However, if you happen to have one of these in your bags, it can double up as a weapon as well! Aim this at anyone's face and sure shot, you will do some serious damage. The big tub is also extremely misleading! Inside, it houses only 0.8 oz of product which is quite less than the normal weight of foundations. I was actually very happy when I paid Rs 800 for this coz I thought wow so much product!! But when I took a closer look, it was only an illusion! Thankfully, you only need a little bit of this so one tub will last for quite a while. The tub looks great but if you are like me and like to use your fingers to apply foundation, this is not something you will like. I hate dipping my fingers inside tubs to apply makeup! Messy and so unhygienic!

Texture - Its not a cream foundation nor is it a mousse. The consistency is much thicker and dense but when applied on the face, you hardly feel as if there is anything on. The ingredient list mentions silicone as a major ingredient so its feels like a primer when applied but then settles down to a weightless finish. I have used this on my face with and without applying a moisturiser first and feel that it gives a much better finish when the face is well hydrated. Nothing heavy but it needs a bit of moisture to spread evenly. 

Application - I use my fingers to apply the foundation as I feel it spreads and blends much better with their help. Once I'm done with the blending, run a kabuki brush over it to ensure a smoother finish. 

Coverage - Medium to Heavy and it is buildable. Initially there can be a whitish cast on the face but once the foundation settles down, the appearance is flawless and natural.

Finish - Even though, this is said to give a matte finish, I find it more of a semi-matte on me. It does not dry out the skin and leaves it looking slightly dewy. I have not used a powder on top of this and don't find the need to as well. I also do not use this on top of a primer. The airbrushed look is achieved even without one.

Staying Power - The product claims to stay on for 24 hrs. Not that I'm ever gonna wear foundation for so long, but I can vouch for its claims. The product wears incredibly well and even after 12 hrs, I didn't see fading. I did not need to even touch up once during the 12 hrs. It stays put very well and there is no issue with transfer. Once its on the face, you need not worry about it at all. Despite being a long-staying foundation, it's easily removed with a makeup wipe. 

To sum up:


1. Natural Finish
2. Lightweight
3. Provides medium to heavy coverage
4. Has SPF 20
5. Long Lasting
6. Controls oil production
7. No breakouts after application

Cons :

1. Bulky packaging, unhygienic and not suitable for travel at all. 
2. Less product as compared to regular foundations.
3. Can be slightly drying for those with very dry skin.
4. Because of SPF, leaves a whitish cast in photos that are taken at night

My hand does not really have so many spots..Its all due to less light!

See how well it blends and how flawless my hand looks now! Pic taken under natural light

I'm really pleased with this foundation and can definitely see myself repurchasing once this one runs out. Will highly recommend this!

Have you tried the Whipped Creme Makeup?

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