Friday, 21 December 2012

Giveaways Currently On - Enter!

Hiya Pretties

This is a reminder post for all my readers who have not yet participated in my ongoing giveaways.

There are two giveaways that you can enter. One ends on 25th Dec and the other on the 8th of January. Here are the details.

1. Facebook Only Contest For You to win NYX, Lotus Herbals and Maybelline Goodies All you need to do is name 5 of your favorite makeup products of 2012 (include name of brand, shade etc. And they must be brands available in India). If your list matches with mine (minimum 3 correct), you get a prize :). If there is a tie, Ill ask to select the winner. Contest ends on 25th Dec. 

To enter, click here 

2. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with The Nature's Co Exclusive Giveaway Two lucky winners will each receive one Irish Moss or Rose Body Butter, priced at Rs 1125. You can choose which one you want. Contest Ends 8th January. 

To enter, click here

Looking forward to your participation. There is another giveaway coming up next week. Watch this space for more!
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