Monday, 5 November 2012

Kryolan Kajal in Dark Brown - Review, Swatch

I'm an eye pencil/kohl fanatic and whenever I try out out a new brand, I'll always get at least one eye pencil and I did the same when I requested Veda to get me some Kryolan makeup from Chennai couple of months back. I had heard that the Kryolan kajals are a good substitute for NYX Jumbo pencils so thought of getting the Dark Brown and Highlight shade. Not that I had a lot of choices. These kajals are available in only three colors - Black, Dark Brown and Highlight (a creamy white). 

The Kryolan kajal is a 12 cm long pencil priced at Rs 175. Its made of wood and can be sharpened with any  double cavity sharpener. I much prefer the twist up pencils coz there's less wastage of product but for this pencil, I'm really not bothered on how much is wasted. Read on to know the reasons why. 

1. The texture is extremely soft and creamy. I just touched it on my lids and the tip completely bent out of shape. I tried it out first sometime in August when its really humid in Kolkata and the first touch disfigured the  pencil. I learnt my lesson and its resting place till date is the refrigerator. Because its so creamy, the kajal is very easy to blend but I would never dare to use it on my lids as a shadow. 

2. This smudges like crazy!! When the tip got out of shape, I thought ok its very creamy but lets just go ahead and try it out. I wore it to office and in a couple of hrs, I was looking like a raccoon with brown rims of kohl smudged under my eyes. I didn't realise it till I saw people giving me strange looks at work and when I checked my face, believe me it was not a pretty sight. I wiped out most of it leaving only a thin line of brown on the lids and waterline but even that was not spared from smudging. I had to wipe it off completely to save my face.

3. The only pro that I can come up with is the color of the pencil. Its a dark chocolate brown and perfect for office wear or when you want to go with a subtle look on the eyes. 

Overall Thoughts

Unless you are staying in the hills, forget using this kajal all year round. You will look like a clown if you are wearing this during summer. There are plenty of other brands that make good kajal. Much better to buy them than spend Rs 175 on a Kryolan one.

Have you tried the Kryolan Kajals?

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