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The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Conditioner for Oily Hair - Review

Put your hands together pretties and welcome the first guest writer on Pout Pretty! Her name is Sridatta, a content writer by profession who loves reading, creative writing, sketching and experimenting with her culinary skills. She is a beauty and makeup addict like all of us and believes that life is a roller coaster ride and it has a new surprise to unfold everyday. (Totally agree with that girl!). In her first ever post on a beauty blog, Sridatta reviews her current favorite conditioner- The Body Shop's Rainforest Balance Conditioner for Oily Hair. A product she says is absolutely fabulous. Here's her review..

“Oilpool, oilpool”, screams my hair whenever I wake up in the morning. I have very oily hair and it becomes completely frizzy when I skip washing it even for a day. So you can very well understand my plight. Oiling my hair and using conditioners is a big NO for me.

A while ago I visited a Body Shop store to procure some gift vouchers for my friend P’s birthday. She is a complete brand loyalist of the Body Shop products. The fresh look of the store tempted me and I indulged in browsing the product racks. Among the jungle of bottles, I suddenly saw a tall bottle of Rainforest Balance Conditioner for oily hair beaming at me like a shining knight and as if whispering in my ears, “I will take care of your beautiful tresses”.  I know high melodrama!. I decided on buying this conditioner, since P has always highly raved about this line of products and the goodness of their natural elements.

And I truly feel blessed after using this product. Here’s what it looks like:

The first thing I want to reveal about this product is that it has a thicker consistency than regular conditioners and is extremely creamy. It is made up of non-foaming agents. This means that you have to rub it between your palms by adding a little water before using it. It smells nice, not too sweet and not two overpowering. It is a natural smelling product which I feel will appeal to many people.

This specially formulated conditioner for oily hair is made up of pracasi oil, white nettle, seaweed and aloe vera. It also proudly claims that it “lightly conditions to reduce excess oils”, which I cross my heart and hope to die, is absolutely true.

Directions to use:
·         Put a droplet of the conditioner on your palm
·         Add a little water
·         Mix in between palms
·         Work through hair from root to tip
·         Leave it for 2 mins
Wash it off for a smooth, silky and oil free hair 

After wash feel:
The conditioner works like a charm on my hair and I only need a droplet to condition my shoulder length hair. My hair feels soft and looks less frizzy after a wash. It looks shiny, clean and  smells divine. One annoying feature of this product is its bottle. It is stiff and I have to squeeze it really hard to take out a droplet. But that can’t put me off from using this fantastic product.

My verdict: 4 1/2/ 5

I will definitely repurchase this product. Its Rs 515 for 250 ml.

My recommendation: Say bye-bye to oily and messy hair and grab this fabulous product for shiny, clean and flowing hair.

Pout Pretty's note - That sure sounds like a great product girl!. I don't have oily hair so will probably skip this but it's a great recommendation for all the oily hair beauties out there. Loved your detailed review and style of writing. Looking forward to many more articles from you :)

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