Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Some More Beads and Baubles Shopping for Durga Puja from CIMA

This year I've been going berserk with jewelry shopping. Retail stores, online stores, exhibitions, I've not left anything out! Not that I need an excuse to shop, but what better occasion than Durga Puja to satisfy all my shopping urges. My latest haul is from a reputed gallery in Kolkata - Centre of International Modern Art, popularly known as CIMA. Every year during this time, CIMA organizes a month long exhibition of art, handicrafts, handloom saris and textiles, shawls, jewelry etc sourced from different parts of the country. I visited CIMA last weekend to take a look at the exhibition and what instantly attracted me was the beautiful collection of costume jewelry. I am very fond of statement necklaces and chunky pieces and that's what I picked up mostly.

Take a look...

Faux silver and turquoise necklace for Rs 375

Faux silver bell necklace for Rs 275

Faux silver and pink beaded necklace for Rs 275

Bracelets for Rs 100 each
Let me know what you think :)

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