Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Passionate - Review and Swatch

When Colorbar launched the Creme Touch lipsticks, my eyes were fixed on only one shade and that was Passionate. I've been wanting to get my hands on this beauty for quite sometime now and got it finally last Saturday at the New U store at Forum Mall, Kolkata. Remember the shade Party Parrot MAC released as part of the Iris Apfel collection? If you missed getting that, then Passionate is as close any lipstick that I know of has got to Party Parrot. I already have MAC's elder sister but the cousin looked too tempting to pass by.

If you want a comparison of both the lipsticks, then Party Parrot is a matte neon pink (though it looks to have a bit of coral as well) and some might even find it too bright to carry off. If you fall in that category, then Passionate is perfect. It's a toned down version of Party Parrot, more wearable, creamy, almost neon coral pink, and can be carried off by all skin types. On my lips, it comes across as more of pink than coral but I'm fine with it. When wearing this, go easy on the rest of your makeup though. You don't want people shielding themselves from your face!

The cousins together!

The Creme Touch lipsticks look great. The carton is all silver and shiny and the lipsticks are the same as well with a purple band in the middle. Dunno if my nose was acting up but think I smelled a somewhat familiar vanilla fragrance in the lipstick. Umm even the vanilla Colorbar?? Well, thankfully the smell is pretty pleasant and does not attack the senses.

The texture is really smooth and creamy and the lipstick just glides over the lips effortlessly. It's very light and does not feel heavy on the lips. I love the pigmentation of this lipstick. One swipe is enough to cover pigmented lips and one swipe is actually all you need to pack in the punch. The finish is creamy, glossy and very moisturising. I wear it as it is, no balm or gloss and my lips feel super hydrated and soft. I get around 4-5 hrs of wear time and there's a soft, pink stain left on the lips after fading, much lighter than the stain left behind by the Velvet Mattes. Because of how creamy it it is, there is a bit of transfer which to me is the only drawback of the lipstick.

Passionate in bright sunlight

Passionate to the left. Party Parrot to the right

Here's a recap of the Pro's and Cons of Passionate.


  • Beautiful bright coral pink color. 
  • Creamy and soft texture
  • Light and weightless
  • Applies evenly
  • Glossy finish
  • Decent wear time of 4-5 hrs
  • Contains Shea Butter, Vitamin E and SPF 15
  • Reasonably priced at Rs 450


  • Might be too bright for those not into bright colors (Go ahead and experiment girls. You can always wear it as a stain if going the full distance is too much for you)
  • The creamy texture makes it prone to transfer

For a brights lover like me, this is a must have shade. A whopper of a color, great texture and glossy finish - everything that I look for in a lipstick is in this. Try it out !

Have you tried Passionate or any other shade from the Creme Touch range? Which one is your favorite?

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