Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Nature's Co Body Mists in Mango-Mandarin & Passionfruit-Pineapple - Review

Last week I got a lovely surprise from The Nature's Co, a brand that I've heard very good things about and been wanting to try out for a very long time. The mailman delivered a parcel which had a jute mesh bag and inside the bag were very cute samples of some of their most popular products along with a voucher for a free spa service at the Nature's Co store.

Here is a list of all the samples I got.
  • Passionfruit-Pineapple Body Mist
  • Kiwi Exfoliating Body Wash
  • Lemongrass Body Wash
  • Mango-Mandarin Body Mist
  • Hibiscus Anti-Dandruff Hair Cleanser
  • Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub
  • Corn Exfoliating Face Pack

Out of the above, I've used up about half of both the Body Mists and that's what I'm gonna be talking about today. 

What is The Nature's Co?

If you are looking for body, bath, skincare and wellness products that have natural ingredients, are against animal testing and vegan then their store is a one stop shop. According to their website, all products are manufactured using natural hill spring water and natural preservatives(which means no parabens!). Basically everything that is good for the skin. Their range of products include Body Lotions, Body Wash, Face Wash, Face Creams, Lip Balms, Aromatic Candles and Incense sticks, Essential massage oils, Hand and nail cream, Bath salts, Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair oils, Eye pillows etc. They have stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and also an online retail store

How are the Body Mists?

Whenever I think of Body Mist, the only brands that come to my mind are The Body Shop, Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. So many Indian brands have come up with body mists and its a shame that I haven't even bothered to give them a try and I probably wouldn't have as well if I had not tried out these samples. 

I received samples of the products so can't really comment on the packaging of the full size bottles but from what I've seen, they are nothing very fancy. A plastic transparent rectangular spray bottle with the name of the mist inscribed. What is great about the mists is that they are alcohol free therefore the smell is not overpowering. The wear time is pretty decent for a mist and lasts for about 3 hrs on me.

Mango-Mandarin Body Mist (Rs 475, 100ml) - Made of Sweet Mango, Mandarin and Aloe Vera. The smell of mandarin is definitely stronger than mango and is too citrusy for my taste. Even though the smell is quite refreshing and perfect for sultry summer days, I will not reach out for this simply because I'm not very fond of citrus scents but if you are, do give this a try. 

Passionfruit-Pineapple Body Mist (Rs 455, 100 ml) - This one I absolutely loved! The first time I sprayed this on, was sniffing my wrist every 5 mins to get a whiff of the delicious smell. This mist is made of Passionfruit, Pineapple, Aloe Vera and Vit E so you can well imagine how luscious this will be. Reminds me of Pina Colada every time I spray this on! It is a fruity sweet fragrance but not overtly so for you to get a headache. It's light, refreshing and delicious - all things that one looks for in a mist. I highly recommend this one if you are looking to buy a body mist for yourself and if you are a fan of sweet smells. I'm definitely getting one for myself!

Overall Thoughts

I'm very impressed by the quality of these Body Mists and of the fragrances. I use Body Mists much more than perfumes and they are a must for my everyday use. I like them to be light and refreshing and that is exactly what the Nature's Co Body Mists are. Definitely worth picking up. Highly Recommended!

Have you tried any of The Nature's Co products? Which one is your favorite?

Sample sent by the company. Review is 100% mine.

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