Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Second Preview of Entries for Makeup the Eyes Contest

In my earlier post here, you got a glimpse of the first set of entries received for the Makeup The Eyes contest. Here's presenting the next set.

To remind all of you, I have a contest running currently on my blog called 'Makeup The Eyes' where you will need to send in eye makeup looks keeping in mind the theme - Colors of the Monsoon. The winning entry will be decided by public voting and will receive an e.l.f Studio Beauty Palette.

The contest is open to all Indian residents and is on till 30th September. Every participant can send a maximum of three entries and minimum is one. Along with your entry, you will also need to write a couple of lines on why you think your eye makeup look represents the Colors of the Monsoon. For the contest details, click here

Entry 1 - Poorna 

"Here's what I did. No eyeshadow, primer, or anything. Only some colors to play with, because the monsoons are a fabulous time to have fun without fearing everything will wash away"

Entry 2a,b,c - Ramya 

"In this look I have taken inspiration from the grey clouds, the blue skies, the shimmery rain drops and the green leaves on which the dewy rain falls. Monsoon for me means endless dark clouds in the sky and the diamond-like glittering rain drops falling from the sky through the blue blue skies onto the thirsty waiting leaves"

"In this eye makeup, I have drawn inspiration from the colours of the Rainbow....monsoon means rain and rainbows...the splash of colour across the skies in a lovely bow just melts your heart during the rains. I incorporated all the colours of the rainbow into one eye art :) right from Yellow, Orange, Red, Indigo down to blue green and violet"

"In this eye makeup, I have taken inspiration from a peacock which enjoys and dances during the rains. As the clouds burst and the rain starts falling, the majestic peacock spreads its tail and dances away to glory. We see a beautiful blend of colours in the peacock's plumage. In this eye-catching eye makeup, I have tried to capture the fascinating colours of the peacock's feathers and blended them onto my eyes" 

Entry 3a & b - Reshma Ray Connect

GREY MATTERS : "More than the rain, its the coming of rain that matters to me. I love how the clouds change from white to grey to black before pouring down"

DEW DROPS : "Those shiny, pearly drops over a freshly bloomed flowers are so mesmerizing to look on. This look was created keeping it on mind"

Entry 4 - Lee Bee

"My look represents  the 'Colors of Monsoon' as my fondest memories of monsoons are about watching peacocks during a burst of shower at my massiz place so Ive done a look inspired by a peacock's colors and swirls"

Entry 5 - Pooja 

"The blue sky, filled with promises of rain is what the color on my eyelids shows,the shades on my crease give a hint of rainbow that is to follow the rains.The bright grey-gold is the silver lining in the dark clouds of my lashes and the swipe of my black kohl"

Gosh aren't they all gorgeous! You sure are gonna have a tough time deciding who to vote for after the contest gets over on the 30th :))

Meanwhile, mail me your entries at Hurryyyy
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