Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reader's Spotlight - Namitha Shares A Few of Her Favorites

Today's spotlight is on a fellow blogger whose Life is a Fairytale and she, its beautiful Princess :)..I'm sure you have guessed from the post heading who I'm talking about. Yep, it's our very own, Namitha who writes at http://lifeisafairytale-mithy.blogspot.in/.

Namitha is a 19 yr old Computer Science and Engineering student from Bangalore. She is an Aquarian and says that her blog is her outlet to talk about the things she loves, she hates, her opinions etc. It's her personal diary, beauty blog, fashion blog, fitness and diet blog, self-help blog and many more all rolled into one. (I absolutely love your blog Namitha because you don't hold back on anything and just speak your mind. Very refreshing :)

Today, Namitha shares a few of her favorites. Things which are absolutely necessary in fairytale land :))

1. Perfume - Davidoff's Cool Water 

2. Lipcolor - Colorbar's Take Me As I Am range

3. Hero - Batman (Mine too:))

4. Quote

5. Kohl - Maybelline's Colossal Kajal (We have a lot in common girl. I absolutely love this one!)

6. Accessory - 

7. Pick Me Up

8. Addiction - Definitely not last on her list. The love of her life, Jayanth!

Thanks for sharing with us your favorites Princess :)..Wish you the very best for your blog and for everything that you do. And you and Jayanth make a very nice couple :))


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