Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Collection of Orange Lipsticks!

Yesterday I was a very very happy girl. Nope I didn't get any gift, neither did I hear any good news nor did I get a day off from work(these make me really happy!). I finally found a lipstick shade that I've been lusting for ages and it is the Chambor Powder Matte lipstick in Orange Falmbe (ummm.... did you mean Flambe Chambor??). I think Chambor discontinued this shade for sometime but thankfully it's now back and sitting very pretty on my dressing table.

I have a small collection of orange lipsticks that I really love and I'm looking to expand it further. Morange and So Chaud are definitely on my wishlist but if you know of any other oranges that would suit a medium to dark skin tone, pleasseee let me know. I'm in an Obsessed with Orange phase right now and just cant have enough of them. 

Take a look at my humble collection. 

1. Colorbar Velvet Matte in Obsessesed Orange - A 'true' orange. Reminds me of Rasna and Orange popsickle every time I put this on :))

2. Inglot 103 - She is a real 'pataka'.... a gorgeous reddish-orange If you are afraid of Morange and So Chaud, try 103. Btw...this won the Best Lipstick award in the 2012 Vogue Beauty Awards!

3. Chambor's Orange Falmbe - A beautiful warm muted orange that will look great on all skin tones. 

4. Maybelline's Bronze Orange - This is not really a true orange but leaves a nice orange tint on the lips. A great color for those who prefer a subtle look.

Here are the swatches..

From Left to Right - Obsessed Orange, 103, Orange Falmbe, Bronze Orange

 What are your favorite orange lippies? Do share.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!



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