Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Essential Oils in Beauty Products - What Do These Do?

Check out any beauty product and you are sure to find the name of at least one essential oil in the ingredients. Its very easy to get attracted by the fancy names and pick up the product but not everyone will reap the benefits of every type of oil out there. So how do you figure out which essential oil is for you? Simple. Just read the post below where I've listed the uses and benefits of eight commonly used essential oils in beauty products.

1. Tea Tree oil - Extracted from the leaves of tea trees, this oil is used in the treatment of acne because of its anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil also helps reduce inflammation caused by acne, and diminish dandruff as well.

2. Coconut oil - A natural antioxidant, meaning it helps shield skin from environmental aggressors. Coconut oil gives a healthy shine to the hair and protects it from the elements. It is also great for combatting dry skin woes.

3. Olive oil - Beneficial in toning and firming the skin. It improves the strength and elasticity of hair and also great for dry skin. Extra Virgin Olive oil is also an extremely good makeup remover...specially for that stubborn waterproof mascara!

4. Argan oil - The beauty world is now buzzing about the benefits of argan oil but this has been used in Morocco for centuries. Besides removing frizz and adding shine to hair, argan oil is also a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. It helps skin fight aging, UV exposure and cell degeneration. (Moroccan oil is not the name of an oil but of a product sold by the company Moroccanoil (R) and is made with Argan oil)

5. Jojoba oil - Penetrates the roots of the hair to clear out buildup from products or dead skin cells, while softening the scalp. Jojoba oil is also used in a number of beauty products because of its minuscule rate of causing allergic reactions.

6. Rosemary oil - Can be typically found in hair care products.Helps stimulate hair follicles, promoting hair growth and strength. Like tea tree oil, which it is sometimes mixed with, helps to remove dandruff and cure dry scalp.

7. Peppermint oil - Used in balms, glosses and lipsticks because of its ability to nourish lips while curing cracked skin. It also has a natural cooling effect which helps in curing sunburn and easing inflammation.

8. Rose oil - Fights dryness and gives moist, dewy and soft skin. It also boosts skin’s elasticity keeping it youthful and vibrant.  This unique oil can also be used to calm and soothe irritated skin making it an incredibly gentle age fighter.

For skincare, I usually gravitate towards products with tea tree oil. Coconut and Olive oil has been keeping my tresses happy till date but I'm looking to try something from Moroccan oil. The only problem is that it's so darn expensive!

Which essential oils do you use in your beauty regime? Do share in the comments below. 


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