Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Top 5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Curvy Girls

I'm a curvy girl. Have always been one and will probably always be one. Like all curvy girls, even I have gone through the entire cycle of dieting, exercising, going to the gym, dropping out after 5 months, dieting again, bingeing and again going back to the gym. Not that it has helped much but thankfully now I've come to a stage where I love my body, love my curves and know how to make them work for me. 

I'm sure you will agree that the toughest piece of clothing for a curvy girl to find is that perfect pair of jeans. Jeans that will hug the right places, cover the wrong ones, make legs lean and slim, accentuate that butt, tuck in that tummy and in general just make u look good and feel good. In this post, Ill share some of my tried and tested tips on finding the right pair of jeans. Hopefully these will also help you in finding your perfect pair!

1. Stretch that fabric - Choose jeans with a little bit of lycra. This will ensure that the jeans comfortably wraps around your curves and there is no stiffness. Don't go for too much stretch though coz the jeans will lose its shape pretty soon.

2. Go Dark - Choose a clean, dark wash. Please do not buy distressed jeans that have those ugly white patches on the thighs..Ughhhh..They don't look good on anyone..curvy or slim! Dark colored bottoms will always make your legs look thin and light colored bottoms will highlight the wrong places. In regular jeans, try dark washes like black, navy blue, charcoal gray and in colored jeans go for purple, royal blue etc.

3. Best Fits - The best fit for a curvy girl is the straight leg or slight boot cut. This gives you lean legs. If you have wide hips, try a wider leg or medium flare style where the leg opening is as wide as your thigh. This will help to balance out your hips. I'm not too fond of skinny jeans coz they are really uncomfortable and I always feel like I'm gonna pop out of them. If you want to wear skinnies, go for the slim fit and make sure you wear a long top with a bit of volume to balance out the look. Always remember, volume below, fitted (not tight) on top. Volume on top, fitted below. 

4. Avoid the Muffin Top - Low rise and ultra low rise jeans can create a muffin top if you don't have a washboard flat stomach, because they cause your tummy to spill over your waist band. High-rise jeans will only make you look pregnant if you have a bit of belly flab. The best bet is to go for mid-rise styles that aren't too high or too low. And make sure the waist is fitted. Too much gapping around the waist of the jeans and they are sure to slide down when you bend over.

5. Well Heeled - Always always wear heels with jeans be it wedges, pumps, stilletoes, sling backs, peep toes.... anything. Heels add extra length to the legs, perks up the butt and gives you that statuesque look

Brands I Wear - I am a 100% Levis girl. Have been wearing Levis for god knows how many years now. Some other brands that I have also tried out are Pepe, Giordano, Marks n Spencer and Lee and they have a pretty good collection as well. Check them out girls, get that perfect pair and revel in your curves!

Let me know if these tips helped. If you have some more, please share in the comments section below. I love  hearing from you :)



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