Friday, 6 July 2012

I Heart The Body Shop White Gardenia EDT

I am a true Body Shop junkie! Plain and simple. If I have to buy anything related to bath & body, skincare and perfume, the first website that I check is of  The Body Shop to see if anything new is out. Going into their store gives me such a high (and also a major deficit in my bank balance but then every good thing has a side effect!). The neat arrangement, the colorful bottles and tubs all lined after one another and the heady mix of different fragrances...I can be in that store for ever!

I picked up the White Gardenia EDT from a blog sale that was arranged by the 'Shopaholic' Aarthi on behalf of her friend Vidya. She was selling this at Rs 600 and I just grabbed the offer (The original price is 1095). I received this beauty yesterday and it has already become my 'go to' perfume for the day. It obviously smells of gardenia but is also infused with lotus flower, bergamot and soft musk notes. Its a nice combination of floral and musk and is a very delicate and mild scent that is not at all overbearing. The staying power is not that great, maybe for 2-3 hours max but I can overlook that for the smell. I am absolutely loving this!..

I think this is a limited edition because I don't see it on their website anymore. However, I have seen the EDT and the body mist in the Kolkata store so they might still be available. If you like florals and musk gals and want a combo of both in one perfume, go for this. You can also pick up the White Gardenia Body mist if you prefer something lighter but both of them have the same smell which I'm sure you will love....Check out the pics.

What is your favorite Body Shop perfume? Do comment and share.


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