Saturday, 7 July 2012

Beauty For a Cause - Truly Amazing!

Hey Pretties

I'm not sure how many of you have watched this video that I'm talking about today. If you haven't, it is my earnest request that you watch it.

Lauren Luke's video has already been viewed 23,846 times 

The video was recently posted by famed YouTube Beauty Blogger, Lauren Luke in association with the UK-based non-profit organization, Refuge. Refuge helps women affected by violence at home and enlisted the help of Lauren to support their 'Don't Cover It Up Campaign'.

Appearing in the video titled 'How To Look Good the Morning After', Lauren goes on to explain how to cover up 'fresh bruises'.

Thousands of women experience domestic violence every day including celebs like Rihanna, Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Madonna and many more. Yet, most of them are afraid to speak out, preferring to keep quiet and cover up the signs of abuse under layers of makeup. Refuge thought of this innovative campaign to get across their message of encouraging women to 'break the silence'.

Please watch the video and encourage your near and dear ones to watch as well, more so the men. Refuge urges you to share the video online and sign a petition to create more prevention of domestic violence services. Even though the services of Refuge are available only in the UK, the issue of domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic and as women, I feel it is our duty to support this initiative, irrespective of what our nationality is.

Spread the world girls. Sign the petition. And yes, all you beauty bloggers, feel very proud of yourselves. We can make a big difference too..

Watch the video to know how....

Do comment and let me know your reaction after watching this..


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