Sunday, 24 June 2012

NYX Shiva

One of my favorite pastimes is to browse through online shopping websites, specially the makeup ones. I can do this for hours at end. Comparing prices, checking out what’s new, hunting for good deals, all of this gives me such a thrill!..It was during one of these lazy nothing to do but browse new makeup sites evening that I came across Shiva. More than the color, what attracted me to this lippie was definitely the name. I still can’t figure out the connection between Shiva and a fuchsia lipstick. But then if we can apply Poseidon, Apollo and Zeus on our lips, why leave Shiva behind?? Right?
If you are looking for an affordable (Got this for around 160 Rs from fuchsia lipstick with purple shimmer and a decent staying power (about 2-3 hrs), this is not that bad. The round lipsticks are well known for its super creamy texture but this is actually quite matte. I like the fact that I don’t have to keep it in the fridge during summer as is the case with my other NYX lippies. Pigmentation is not that great. One swipe will not give you a whole lot of color so you will have to build on it. The smell is too plasticky for my taste but I’m living with it. A dupe of Shiva would be Maybelline's Iced Orchid.
Other than the gorgeous color, there’s really nothing extraordinary about this lippie. Tad disappointed :( …kinda expected Shiva to knock the Apollo’s and Poseidon’s out of the park!
Take a look at the pics…
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