Sunday, 24 June 2012

e.l.f Classy – You Ain’t that Classy to me! – Review and Swatches

So e.l.f is now available in India and like any makeup enthusiast, the moment I spotted the ad on stylecraze, placed an order for some of their products. Classy was one of them. This was the first time I was trying out an e.l.f lipstick and I was really excited. The essential lipsticks are supposed to be one of the best budget lipsticks around and I’ve read some pretty good reviews of this particular shade. Bloggers have raved about how Classy is such a ‘classy’ product and some have even gone on to write that this is their HG lipstick! You can well imagine how much I was looking forward to it. Alas! All my excitement kinda vanished into thin air when I actually tried this on!!!Its such a big dud :( ((((…Read on to know why.
1. Packaging - Nothing extraordinary here. Its pretty basic but I liked the clear ring where you can see the color of the lipstick.
2. Fragrance – The first thing that hit me when I opened the package was the really strong smell. Dunno about you but I just hate lipsticks that have any kind of smell be it sweet, sour, salty, fresh, plasticky whatever and boy does this have one! Its a citrusy kind of smell which I did not like.
3. Color - Now this is something that I liked. Its a light blue-based pink with slightly purple undertones, perfect for everyday use. During the day, it looks more pink but you can see the purple undertones in the pic that I took at night. This is a color which will look good on most skintones. Im an NC 45 and it did not wash me out . For those above 45, this might be too light but fair and medium skin tones will rock this.

During the day

Under artificial light

4. Pigmentation – Before trying it on my lips, I swatched it on my hand (A gal has to take pics!) and was really disappointed. I had to rub the product nearly 3-4 times to get the actual color. Same for my lips and it didnt even apply evenly. For me, pigmentation of a lipstick is the real deal. It can be the most moisturising and long staying lipstick in the world but if there ain’t enough color, I’m not interested. What’s the point of buying a lipstick then right? And Classy just does not give me enough color.

Swatch taken during the day
5. Texture – It goes on really creamy and glossy and is pretty moisturizing. It did not dry out my lips so that’s a plus point.
6. Staying Power – Not that great. It stayed on for about a couple of hrs before fading away and did not leave any pink stain behind.
OK so now that I’m done dissecting all aspects of the lippie, let me tell you what was the real deal breaker for me…Well, the thing BROKE!..First time I opened to swatch it on the back of my hand, it just broke into two pieces!!! Apparently, that is the case with the essential range of e.l.f lipsticks. Most of them are very susceptible to breakage so if you have one that did not, you’re lucky!

Broken into two!!
If I were in the US and this cost me $1.50, I would not complain at all but I live in India. Here, its priced at Rs 299 (I got it at Rs 269 from stylecraze) and with that money, I can get far better quality lipsticks Colorbar, Maybelline, Lotus, Avon etc. However, even though this one let me down, I’m not ready to give up on this range yet. Will try maybe one more to see how that goes and then form an opinion.
As for you Classy, you just didn’t work for me baby :(
Let me know if you have tried Classy or any elf essential lipsticks? Or if this review helped. Share your comments below!


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